431431_10150737014886654_386056616653_11497058_1850456949_nConfession:  We cheated.  Plain and simple.  It wasn’t like it was an accident, or we had no other choice…we made a conscious choice to detour from Whole 30 for one meal.  Let me explain…

We were celebrating a great school year with our daughter.  We booked a sitter for the little guy, and took her out for a special dinner.  She is an adventurous eater, and wanted to go somewhere with great desserts.  The girl is picky, and knows her buttercream from her fondant!  She really wanted to go to the restaurant at the top of Reunion Tower, Five Sixty, but we could not get a reservation.  Really?!?  So, we decided on Eddie V’s.  Initially, we had planned on ordering steak or seafood (prepared W30 compliant) and vegetables.  But then, on our way over, we had second thoughts!  We started thinking about how it would be great to have a drink to go with dinner, and Truffle Mac n’ Cheese to go with our steaks, and of course, dessert!  So, we decided to have one special meal and go back to W30 the next day.  I know, I know, that is so not allowed, but it was one of those things that was completely Worth It.  Technically, we should probably start over, but we are going to add on an extra day at the end and call it even!  We are seeing great results so far, and recovered quickly from our dinner out.  No worries!

Other than that, we are going strong.  I am helping a couple of friends who are interested in W30 get started with their own.  Hubby is feeling great.  His challenge is eating enough.  He has an active job, and his metabolism is fast, so we have to be sure to have plenty of  food prepped for him.  As for me, I am having a hard time limiting my fruit intake!  In the summer, I love to eat fruit, but too much is not good, because of the sugar.  I’m trying to limit it to 2 servings per day, and making sure to drink enough water.

I have also been reflecting on my health and fitness journey.  I am realizing that we are all at different points on this journey, and that I will always be learning.  Additionally, in order to make changes, one must be ready!  I don’t think I would have been ready to make these dramatic changes a year ago!  Its sort of funny to think that I am eating more (healthy) fat, and doing less cardio than I ever have before, and I am in the best shape (so far!) of my adult life!  I used to be worried about eating too much fat, and not doing enough cardio because I thought I would gain weight.  I used to be concerned that weight training would make me bulky, but I have learned that it is like built- in Spanx for your body!  It pulls everything up and in 😉  No one is perfect, there is always room for improvement, but I am content with where I am now, and thankful for my health…and, that is an amazing feeling!


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