Snap Kitchen dallasSince the opening of Snap Kitchen this summer, I have become a big fan of their “fresh and healthy take-away” options.

I have tried several of the entrees, snacks, juices, and coffees.  I think they do an amazing job of healthy fare to-go.  They even won me over with their green juices, and that says a lot, as I am not a big fan of juice.  I would much rather have coffee, ha!  Recently, I spoke with Daniel Magoon, Registered Dietician for Snap Kitchen in Dallas, about how I could incorporate Snap Kitchen into my upcoming Whole30 or mini-Whole30 plans.  He was so kind to review the menu with a Whole30 lens, and suggest lots of delicious options.  I am going to share them with you, today!  I am so glad they are now in Dallas, with 4 locations, plus one coming soon to Addison….

When doing the Whole30, being prepared is incredibly important to your success!

If you fail to plan, or find yourself in a position where there is nothing for you to eat, you risk reaching for whatever is closest, healthy or not.  Believe me, on the Whole30 you don’t want to let yourself get “hangry!” When you are trying to cultivate good-for-you new habits, you don’t want to see all your hard work derailed. I have learned to plan and prepare meals beforehand to be ready for each week, so I don’t find myself in that situation.  However, I also know that even the best-laid plans sometimes don’t happen the way I intend. Life can be unpredictable, so it is important to have a Plan B that will help you stay on track!

Snap Kitchen Whole30 Friendly Items

The Good News: There are several Whole30-friendly options on the menu at Snap!

Perfect for those days when you know you won’t have time to cook, or need to have a meal with you on the go. Also great to keep in the fridge for “emergency” situations! You can also stop into the store, to heat and eat your meal there. I have to say that my personal all-time favorite is the Crispy Scottish Salmon. The cold-brewed black coffee is another favorite, sometimes with a splash of the Chai Cashew Milkshake. You do have to be mindful, however, of using that one as a dessert. Too much, and it borders on “SWYPO” territory!  Same with the juices. You don’t want to make a habit of drinking your calories/meals even with things that are technically allowed on Whole30. Check out what the Whole30 program has to say about that, here. As someone who has done the program many times, I would not make the juices with fruit a daily thing. Even though it is sugar from fruit, it is still sugar. You would be better off having a meal, and then eating an actual piece of fruit!  Remember, you are trying to crush those sugar cravings, not feed them…

I am looking forward to treating myself and my family to Snap Kitchen during my after-Thanksgiving mini Whole30 reset that started yesterday, as well as the full Whole30 I am planning to start on January 1st!

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