dallas-fashion-blogger-loubies-and-lulu-5674 In a perfect world we’d all have the time to prepare delicious, healthy meals every night of the week…

With busy work schedules, children to care for, and other activities, I know first-hand this is not always the case!  I do my best to shop for and prepare nutritious meals for my family, but some days there just isn’t time for cooking.  Instead of resorting to less than healthy fare, I like to keep a few things on hand at home to heat and eat!  From experience, I also know it pays to be prepared with healthy options because once I cross into “hangry” territory, it’s more difficult to resist nutritional temptation!

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Perfect Fit Meals are a great option when we’re short on time!

It’s a Houston-based company, but several Kroger and Market Street Stores are carrying them right here, in the Dallas area.  Click here to see if there’s a store near you that’s stocking them…  Currently there are 16 different meals on their menu, and all of the nutrition info can be found on their website.  If you have special dietary needs, you can check to see which ones are the best fit for you.  There are even some that are paleo/primal friendly!

Perfect Fit Meals were designed by a dietician, and are hand-crafted to meet high-quality food standards.

Only fresh ingredients and hormone/antibiotic-free proteins are used.  Because of their innovative packaging, they’re long lasting and don’t require added preservatives.  Perfect Fit Meals are truly a unique product.  Other (similar) companies freeze the product or have tons of additives to help preserve it.  It’s a rare thing to find a healthy, convenient, and ready-to-eat meal in the aisles of your local grocery store!

I’ve sampled a few different ones, and all were tasty, but my favorite is the Lemon Pepper Chicken served with squash and brown rice.  It’s packed with flavor, and makes a great lunch or dinner post-workout, or anytime!  If I’m still hungry, I’ll add piece of fruit or handful of nuts to it.  The kids loved the Turkey Chili and the Coconut Chicken!  One thing to note is because of their special packaging, the food stays fresh and does not dry out when you heat it.  The flavor is locked in, and the non-toxic plastic packaging is BPA-free.

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The next time you’re at Kroger or Market Street, be sure to check out their display!

And, let me know what your favorite is and what you think if you try them…

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Photography:  Stephanie Drenka

*This post was sponsored by Perfect Fit Meals.  All opinions are 100% my own.
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