photo 2-24Really, really happy to be writing this post…to launch my celebration of 2 years of blogging at Loubies and Lulu!  I want to say “Thank You” to all of you, for reading, and supporting me.  I have learned so much over the last two years through this little blog.  I enjoy writing it, and I love the creative process involved.  I am motivated by your positivity and engagement!  At first, I was unsure as to how much of my personal life/story I wanted to share.  As time has passed, I have become more comfortable sharing, and have grown so much from doing that.  I am thankful, and feel as though through this blog, I have truly found my voice!  It has helped me to face some of my own insecurities, and be more confident expressing my thoughts and opinions.  It has also pushed me to do and try things that I had been putting off, or I did not think I could do.

I want to thank my sweet husband, Ryan, and my family, for always encouraging me to keep going, and to keep striving to improve.  I also want to thank my amazing friend, Steph Weibring, at Joy Creative Shop, for being such a great motivator and collaborator.  Thank you for answering my many, many emails and being willing to brainstorm with me!  Your creativity inspires me!  I have learned so much from you, and appreciate your friendship and support.

This blog was designed with YOU in mind…

I wanted L&L to be fun to read, and a resource for fitness and healthy living, as written by an active woman who also loves fashion.  I aim to make it a blog about working out, from someone who loves to workout.  I wanted to write about the fitness and style-related things I already love, plus the things I have on my radar to try.  I know from experience that the health/fitness world can be slightly intimidating, and so I wanted to make it more accessible to everyone, no matter what their current level of fitness is.  By giving you an idea of what to expect at a new fitness facility/type of workout, you may be more inclined to try it for yourself.  I love sharing my health, fitness, and style journey with you.  From the beginning, that is what Loubies and Lulu has been all about!

I am thrilled to be going into my third year blogging at Loubies and Lulu!

I already have lots of great things planned, and I am looking forward to new opportunities that may come my way.  If there is ever anything you would like to see here, please shoot me an email.  I am always looking for fresh ideas/things to write about.  I feel lucky that I am able to share my excitement for all things style and fitness related with you through this blog!

Here comes the BEST part…

To celebrate, and to thank YOU, I want to give away some of my Favorite Things.  I don’t want to let all the details out just yet, but over the next two weeks, I’ll be featuring some of the awesome studios, restaurants, and clothing brands that I have featured over the last two years.  And, I have 4 AMAZING giveaways planned for you all!!!  They are each different, so stay tuned for details on how you can enter to win.  I promise, you won’t want to miss out on these…they are SO GOOD!

Be on the lookout for my giveaways and features here, and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…



Welcome! Loubies and Lulu is a Dallas-based fitness, fashion, and healthy lifestyle blog by Andrea Overturf.

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  1. Brooke wrote:

    Happy two years!

    Posted 9.13.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Thank you SO much, Brooke!!

      Posted 9.14.14 Reply