dallas-fashion-blogger-loubies-and-lulu-6746I know a good tee when I see one, and I’m in love with this one from Bobbie Knows!

Libby Boeck, founder of Bobbie Knows, was so sweet to contact me to share her line of tees, tanks and long-sleeve tops.  She started the Dallas-based brand with the idea of activewear being fun and casual, to wear inside or outside the gym/studio.  I chose the Zen and Juice tee because I loved the cap-sleeve tank style coupled with chic black lettering.  Check out their site for style inspiration, to achieve a laid-back, cool casual look.  (Scroll all the way down to the end of the post to for a special discount code for L & L readers!)


BOBBIE KNOWS Cap Sleeve Tee / ATHLETA Power Through Mesh Crops / BIRKENSTOCK Arizona Patent Sandals / LULULEMON Party Om Bag / KENDRA SCOTT Elisa Necklace / KENZ LOVE Bracelets

Naturally, I wore my Zen and Juice tee to grab a green juice at The Gemone of my favorite Dallas spots…

The Gem offers an extensive menu.  There’s something for everyone, to fit your nutritional goals/needs.  People drink juice/smoothies for a variety of reasons.  I like to drink green juice to get extra nutrients into my day.  I don’t drink juice to take the place of eating real vegetables, or as a meal replacement.  My favorite menu item at The Gem is the Flawless, made with kale, cucumber, celery, ginger, and lemon.  It tastes so fresh, and the ginger gives it a little kick.  At The Gem, the juices are made while you wait and they can customize any juice on the menu to your liking.  If you need to add just a bit of apple, carrot, or beet to break up the green taste, you can do that!  If you are really trying to cut sugar though, I recommend giving the all-green juices a shot…you just might love them!

dallas-fashion-blogger-loubies-and-lulu-6676 dallas-fashion-blogger-loubies-and-lulu-6757

Who would have guessed…that during my (caffeine-free) Whole30, I’d acquire a taste for organic, fresh-pressed, green juice!

Prior to this, I wasn’t a big fan of juice in general.  Mostly because of the sugar content of some of them.  I would rather just eat the fruit/veggies and get the benefits that way.  Also, when you drink your food, your body sends a different satiety signal to your brain, one that is different from when you actually chew your food.  Even though you’ve taken in calories from the juice or smoothie, your body doesn’t register that you’ve just eaten, and you become hungry again, quicker.  If you are sensitive to sugar and/or battle sugar cravings, like me, this is especially true.  When I cut out sugar on a Whole30, I crave it much less, or not at all.

Per Whole30 rules, consuming juices or smoothies regularly is not recommended for the reasons mentioned above.  They’re not completely outlawed, but come with a major warning!  For more on this topic, click here, here, and here….  For me, meeting a friend for a green juice has become an nice alternative to meeting for (decaf) coffee, especially now that I’m caffeine clean!

A few more outfit details, and a discount code below….


dallas-fashion-blogger-loubies-and-lulu-6762 dallas-fashion-blogger-loubies-and-lulu-6739 dallas-fashion-blogger-loubies-and-lulu-6729

Bobbie Knows is offering a discount code for L & L readers:  15% off your order with the code “loubs15”  Get yourself a Zen and Juice tee, maybe a To Kale with Them tank, or perhaps a celebratory Champs Drink Champs baseball tee….

Thanks for stopping by!  xo

Photography:  Stephanie Drenka


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    Thank you for sharing this very well written post about juicing 🙂

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      Thank you, Kimberly! I appreciate that, coming from you. Your site is looking GREAT! xo

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