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With Spring Break travel coming up I’m sharing healthy habits I prioritize when I’m away from home…

It is possible to maintain healthy habits and feel my best while still fully enjoying vacation! This is one of the many lessons I’ve learned through my Whole30/Food Freedom experience. I’m thankful to have found a good balance that works for me. Today’s tips contain several Whole30 options but they can also be used beyond the reset and in your Food Freedom lifestyle! 

Most importantly, allow for plenty of rest and relaxation! It’s your vacation after all! Sleep in, or take an afternoon nap, and enjoy being on a relaxed schedule. Do what energizes you! I hope you find this post helpful and be sure to also check out these posts for more Healthy Travel resources:

Before my transformative experience with Whole30 my travel mindset was completely different…

Before: I’d go on vacation and either over-restrict or over-do my food choices. If I over ate I’d return home feeling horrible and if I over restricted I’d feel deprived. I felt like I had to workout everyday. It was a destructive all or nothing cycle that didn’t leave much flexibility! Not fun, or healthy.

After: Using what I’ve learned through the Whole30, I’ve been able to find a flexible, healthier (and more fun!) balance while I’m at home and away. I’m so much more relaxed with my food and activity choices. It’s truly made a difference in my life and I’m able to enjoy and savor vacation without guilt! And, the best part is this mindset shift makes it easier to jump back into my routine when I get home without stressing…

Tip #1- It Helps to Be Prepared!  

Have a mini survival kit on hand! Pack a cooler if you’re road tripping or make a quick stop at a grocery store when you arrive at your destination. If you’re staying in a hotel, request a mini fridge if there’s not already one in your room to keep your food fresh. Not only will this help you eat better during your trip, it will save $$

Grab some fresh fruit, pre cut veggies, meat/jerky sticks, sparkling water/kombucha, cold brew, nutpods, Whole30 compatible bars, individual packages of nuts and olives, and individual packets of dressings, collagen, MCT oil, electrolyte powders (whatever you use as part of your normal routine to feel your best)!  

 A balanced combo of these simple snacks can even serve as a “Cold Lunch” in a pinch and help you avoid getting “hangry!” As a mom I find that always having healthy snacks in my handbag is key for avoiding meltdowns as well…

Tip #2- Start your day with a Balanced Breakfast…

Chances are you’ve heard me say this before, but it works so well it’s worth repeating!  Having a balanced breakfast helps curb sugar cravings, provides steady energy, and sets intention for the day. As a starting point, I use the Whole30 Meal Template and include protein, vegetables, healthy fat, and sometimes fruit. Coffee is always included! I never skip breakfast and I’ve found that this habit prevents overeating throughout the day as well…

Tip #3- Work in Some Activity and Don’t Skip Meals

This is pretty simple, but worth mentioning again!  Skipping meals or “saving your calories” sets you up to overeat later or be tempted to eat things you normally wouldn’t. We’ve all been there! Instead focus on balancing your plate at every meal to nourish yourself and avoid the blood sugar rollercoaster! 

Even if its not your usual workout/amount of time, try to do something active everyday. It doesn’t have to be in a gym unless you want it to. Depending on where we are going/staying, sometimes I’ll check out the hotel gym or seek out a new studio to take a class. But sometimes I don’t…

Take a scenic walk or hike and explore on foot. Every little bit counts, and you’ll still reap the benefits of being active! Don’t forget to stay hydrated…bring along a big water bottle or buy one at your destination to refill. 

Tip #4- Dining Research – Know before you go!

If you have the info, look up restaurants where you’ll be dining before you go.  This is especially helpful if you have food allergies/conditions or just want to make sure there will be a healthy option. Do a little research beforehand, googling or searching on yelp for gluten free, paleo, healthy, or farm to table restaurants. I’ve found some great dining options this way! Then, review the menu to find choices that work for you.  

Call and ask any menu questions during non peak hours instead of waiting until you are there/ordering. I’ve found that right before the lunch or dinner shift are best times to call. 

If you’re staying with a friend or family, offer to help with dinner prep or to make a side dish. It’s a fun, no pressure way to introduce them to new healthy foods! 

Tip #5- Decide What is Worth It with these 2 Questions:  (for life after Whole30)

  • Do I really want it?  Yes or no….if answer is yes, move to second question.
  • Is it worth it?  This is where I determine if I’m truly wanting to eat/savor the food in question or if I’m using food to fill another need.  Examples are feeling sad, tired, anxious, etc… Taking the time to think through this second question gives me the pause I need to clearly evaluate my feelings/thoughts. If it’s worth it I enjoy it without guilt!

Here’s an example: Personally, I love dessert, especially ice cream/gelato! But I know I don’t have to have it every time I get the chance unless I truly want it/it’s worth it. If I know I might want to enjoy something sweet after my meal or there’s a standout dessert on the menu I want to try, I usually don’t have alcohol or limit myself to one low sugar drink with my meal, such as a ranch water or dry white wine. This helps me to not overdo the sugar and make good choices. It’s also important to me to feel good and energetic the next day so I can fully enjoy the place we’re visiting! 

Bottom line: This is what works for me, you have to find what works for you! 

Using what I’ve learned through the Whole30, I’ve been able to create and sustain a healthy balance. Putting these strategies into practice has helped me create a lifestyle that’s sustainable and works for me. The book, Food Freedom Forever is a resource that helped solidify these concepts for me…be sure to check it out if this is something you struggle with!  

Whole30 Snacks, Travel

Whole30/Food Freedom travel snack example:  What I stocked my backpack with for a morning hike with my kids…all Whole30 compatible, except for the Peanut Butter RXBar!

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