The past two weeks flew by and our Whole 30 came to an end during that time.  This one was different, compared to my first one, not better or worse, just different.  It was a super busy time for our family, looking back, probably not the ideal time to do a W30!  We had end of the year school stuff going on, M’s dance recital, and family visiting for two weeks.  Despite all of that, we managed to do it and finish strong.  I would say the biggest difference was that this time I did not have as much time to search for recipes and meal ideas.  I was not as creative.  Basically, we kept it very simple!  Most of our meals were thrown together from stuff I had prepared at the beginning of the week.  I think that it is proof that you can do this even if you don’t have lots of time or energy to cook a lot.  As long as you are following the W30 meal templates, you will be just fine.  Finding a couple of favorite “go-to” combos for busy days is helpful as well!

Doing Whole 30 with a partner (Ryan) was awesome!  Its just nice to have someone along for the ride.  Its especially helpful on the days that you just want to complain and give up, because someone is there to commiserate with!  Ryan was really pleased with his results and is glad that he took the challenge.  According to him, the 3 best things about W30 are:

1.  More Energy:  He has a busy schedule.  He takes his first client at 6am, so its essential for him to keep his energy up throughout the day.  He felt his energy was steady through the entire day.

2.  Feeling Healthier (in General):  More specifically, feeling focused and sleeping better.

3.  Decrease in Body Fat:  Losing body fat and feeling leaner is awesome 😉


We have had such great experiences with W30.  I think we will do a strict W30 a few times per year to keep us on the right track.  For now, we are still sticking close to the W30/Paleo lifestyle with the occasional treats (for me, its ice cream, wine, Mexican food!)thrown in.  The great thing about this plan is that you can do just that, and if you start to feel like you are getting too far off track, you can always go back to it and regroup.  I think it is very realistic and works for our family.

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