photo-11I completed my most recent Whole 30 at the end of January.  It helped me re-calibrate myself after the holidays and start off the new year right.  Since then, I have been eating Whole 30ish the majority of the time.  I don’t have any allergies or conditions that require me to eat this way.  I just feel so good when I do, that I want to stick with it! Treats are an occasional thing, and I am starting to notice patterns of what I really think is worth it to have as a treat.  I have found that thanks to Whole 30, I have become more selective about what qualifies as a treat.  For me, it tends to be either ice cream, pizza, wine, or Tex-Mex!  I really don’t miss things like rice, bread, or peanut butter.  The bread thing is a breakthrough…never thought I would say that!

I try not to have treats during the week, I usually save those for the weekend.  An ice cream cone with the kids on Saturday afternoon, a cocktail with dinner on Friday night, etc.  Let me be clear, though, that I don’t plan a specific cheat day or meal.  In my experience, that approach is totally setting yourself up for failure and bad habits, click here for why. For me, it is easier to stay focused on eating clean all week, and then “off-road” a bit on the weekend if something is appealing.  All of that being said, I have a few events coming up this month, that I would like to look and feel my best for.  Remember how I said in the past that one of my fave things about Whole 30 is that you can do a shorter version, and use it as a quick re-set if needed?  Well, I am thinking its time!  I started a Whole 15 today to help me accomplish this.  Sometimes its just easier if I know I have to say “NO” to certain things.  It takes the mental guesswork out of it, and simplifies things for me.

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For more on Whole 30, head on over to whole30.com  //  Don’t wait, do it NOW!


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