Three Tips For Your First Pure Barre Class

loubies-and-lulu-pure-barre-preston-hollow-1821A few weeks ago I partnered with Pure Barre Preston Hollow to kickoff our Whole30 with a free class.  It was awesome, but I know there were several of you who couldn’t make the class and were still interested in trying Pure Barre…  

unnamed-41Well, Britta Noble (left), the owner of the studio (and, also an amazing PB instructor), gave me a code to share with you for a complimentary class!  Use the code LOUBIESLULU to book a class online that fits your schedule.  

Are you a barre beginner?  No problem!  In addition to the code, Britta also provided me with her top three tips for newcomers to Pure Barre.  Check these out before your first class and you’ll be good to go!  (Thanks to instructor, Andrea Ifft Olson, for cueing me for these pics!)

Get the most from your Pure Barre class with these tips:

(1)  Allow yourself to be a beginner. Part of the magic of Pure Barre is the high energy and fast pace, but that also means it can be a little overwhelming in your first class. Follow along as best you can, watch other teachers or experienced clients taking class for tips, and, most importantly, ASK QUESTIONS before or after class if something doesn’t make sense. As teachers, we LOVE talking about Pure Barre to anyone who will listen! 

(2)  Give yourself plenty of time to get comfortable. One of the worst things you can do as a new client for yourself and for your instructor is to short yourself on time before class. Pure Barre has its own lingo and some very specific movements, and the instructor will take a few minutes before class to walk you through all of that. Rushing into class at the very last minute is a disservice to yourself and your overall understanding of the technique. 

(3)  Don’t kid yourself, Pure Barre is NOT easy. When we ask new clients what they thought of their first class, the response is often “that is THE HARDEST barre class I’ve ever taken.” Don’t expect a class of stretching and arabesques. The class is designed to bring your muscles to fatigue (the “shake zone”) and those two pound weights will feel like two hundred pounds after the first few minutes of arm work. If you’re going to spend an hour of your day working out, you want it to be worth it, right? 

loubies-and-lulu-pure-barre-preston-hollow-1726 loubies-and-lulu-pure-barre-preston-hollow-1750 loubies-and-lulu-pure-barre-preston-hollow-1745 loubies-and-lulu-pure-barre-preston-hollow-1785 loubies-and-lulu-pure-barre-preston-hollow-1800 loubies-and-lulu-pure-barre-preston-hollow-1792 loubies-and-lulu-pure-barre-preston-hollow-1793

These are such helpful tips!  To add to this, I found through my experience that it’s best to try at least three classes to get the hang of it and feel confident with the movements.  The movements are different and smaller (up an inch, down an inch!) than you may be used to, so most will need more than one class to really “get it.”  To make this easy, PBPH has two great specials going on right now for new clients:  $59 for 2 Weeks Unlimited, or $100 for One Month Unlimited.  You can sign up for these deals online or in-studio…  


Hope to see you at the barre, and thanks for stopping by!

Photography:  Stephanie Drenka

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