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It is going to be a busy week!  Between finishing up my Christmas shopping, kids’ last week of school, getting ready for our trip, there is LOTS to get done.  I am going to try my best to take it all in stride and make time for a few workouts this week.  I will be completely honest to admit that it is SO important for my stress levels, especially in busy times.  It gives me an energy boost, increases my patience, and helps me remain calm when my schedule feels tight!

This Week’s Goal: 2 Weights + Cardio Gym Workouts, Plus 2 Classes.

I used my Class Pass to book a yoga class at We Yogis.  I have been to We Yogis before and love it, but it has been a while since my last class there.  Excited to return to take Gina Dunn’s Rockin Yogis class on Tuesday morning.  Have you heard about Class Pass?  It just launched locally and is a monthly membership that gives you access to several of the best fitness studios in Dallas (and other cities, too!).  If you are someone who loves group fitness classes, definitely check out their site for more details…classpass.com.

I am really looking forward to Megan Bursey’s Thursday morning Precision Running class at Equinox Preston Hollow.  This is my first time to take this class, and I am excited to try it out!  It is motivating for me to mix things up a bit, and try new classes, especially this time of year.  Gives me something to look forward to, fitness-wise, and I am more likely to follow through!  What types of exercise are you fitting into your week?  Make it count, and get ahead of your resolutions!


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