Sweat Schedule Dec 1st
It’s back….my weekly Sweat Schedule!  

I had taken a few weeks off on posting it due to kids being sick, traveling, and general schedule chaos.  I actually missed posting it, because putting it together forces me to be organized early in the week to plan my workouts.  It has become a helpful tool for me.  I am going to try my best to stick with the schedule, but also knowing that life sometimes throws you curveballs.  And, that is okay!!

After a long, relaxing weekend, I’m looking forward to getting back to my routine.  

I will be doing 3 days weights + cardio, in addition to a couple of classes.  Plus, starting my after-Thanksgiving Whole30 nutrition reset today…woohoo!!  Starting the month of December on the right foot!  Join me for a class this week…I am re-visiting Beyond500, (first class is only $15).  And, for the first time trying Tabata at Equinox-Preston Hollow.  I have Saturday listed as a rest day, but if I am feeling super motivated, I may do a 4th day of weight training and use Sunday to rest!

***Also, just got word that the Dallas lululemon athletica stores have their own Sweat Schedule, 25 Days of Sweat, with free (!) community classes at different gyms and studios all month long.  It is their gift to the community.  SO great!!!  I am going to try to make some of the classes on this calendar in the coming weeks. Thank you, lulu Dallas!  Perfect opportunity to try something new…check it out below:


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