photo 1-46Last week, I posted part one of this series, sharing my holiday wellness strategy focused on ways to Nourish yourself this time of year….

Today, I am talking about how to stay motivated to be Active in December.  I know firsthand that it can be tough to get regular workouts in from Thanksgiving till New Year’s.  Here are some ways that you can squeeze it in, while still having plenty of time to celebrate the season.  I also try to remember that if I take 30 minutes or an hour for myself daily to refocus and recharge through exercise, I feel better in general, and I handle stress much more gracefully.  Not to mention that staying active helps to counteract the effect of the holiday goodies that I like to enjoy!

1.  Schedule workouts, just as you would any other important appointment.

If you know you are going go be super busy, look ahead at the entire week ahead of time, and see where you can fit it in.  Pencil it in, put it in iCal, whatever you need to do, because it is important!  One or two workouts per week this time of year is better than NO workouts per week.  If you can do more, great!  If you can’t, don’t stress about it.  Making a Sweat Schedule helps me to set goals for myself for the week ahead.

2.  Have a Plan B, “backup” workout plan ready to go.

Things don’t always go as planned.  Have something you can do for a quick boost in 30 minutes or less.  Try one of the circuits on my Workouts page (some can be done at home, with dumbbells and a mat), and/or take a brisk walk in your neighborhood.

3.  Treat yourself to some new workout gear.

New workout clothes always do the trick to motivate me to get to the gym or studio.  Plus, there are so many great winter textures, colors, and prints available right now.  A few of my current favorites below…

photo 1-45

4.  Dress the Part!  Goes along with #3…

If you are a stay at home mom like I am, wake up and put your workout clothes on, first thing!  Sets the tone for the morning, and after I finish my morning errands, I am ready to go exercise.  For me, I have to get to the gym before lunch or its not happening.  If you work outside the home, pack your gym bag with clothes and a snack the night before, so it will be ready to grab and go in the morning.

lululemon bhakti jacket, herringbone wunder unders5.  Make it fun, make it a date!

Get your husband, kids, family members, or a friend in on a class, or go for a walk outside to get fresh air and catch up.  You can spend quality time with the ones you love while doing something active.  Curious about that new treadmill class or yoga studio?  Try it now, don’t wait until January!  Another plus is that if you make a fit date with someone, they are going to be waiting on you, so you are less likely to cancel.

Do you have any surefire strategies for staying fit through the holidays?  Share your tips in the comments:-)

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