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logo-2Recently, I was invited to do a private Pilates session with Rachael Lieck Bryce, the co-owner and senior instructor at Pilates Methodology.  Rachael is passionate about the classical Pilates Method, and it is evident in the way she teaches and trains.  Our one-on-one session was focused on proper alignment and technique for each movement.  Although she was very detailed and took the time to explain things during our session, I felt that I still got an amazing workout.  My heart rate was elevated at times, and I definitely broke a sweat.  I was sore in all the right places the next day!  Her cueing and corrections taught me a lot about body placement and awareness during pilates.  

A private session(s) is something I would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning more about the pilates method, whether you are familiar with it or new.  All levels would benefit from learning the proper breathing, alignment, and techniques.  You can take what you learn in private sessions and apply it anytime you do pilates, making your workout more intense and effective.  

After my session, I had some questions for Rachael, about her journey with classical pilates and the method itself, and I’d like to share her answers here, with you.  And, be sure to scroll down all the way to view the photos of this gorgeous studio!  Thank you, Rachael, for inviting me to experience Pilates Methodology…it was a pleasure!

  • IMG_2111-2-200x300Q:  Tell me about your extensive training, and how your passion for Pilates developed…

A:  I often tell people that my entry point into the world of Pilates was truly by incredible luck. Pilates found me! In my early 20’s I happened into a job working the front desk of a Pilates studio in Austin that was part owned by my former ballet teacher.  I started thinking it was just a job – everyone has to pay the bills.  However, shortly after I started, one of the senior instructors offered to start training me.  Of course, I said yes, and I was in love!  The studio happened to be a sister studio for Colleen Glenn’s teacher trainer program here in Dallas, on Lovers Lane.  I didn’t know anything about the different kinds of Pilates programs, but back in the late 90’s there wasn’t really anything other than classical Pilates.  At the time, I had no idea that I was lucky enough to be learning from one of the best teachers in the industry.  After teaching for almost five years, I decided that I wanted to take my training to another level.  To me, that meant getting as close to the original Pilates method as possible.  So, I became a bridge student with Power Pilates.  I did my final test out with the big wigs in NYC.  I think somewhere along the way I turned into what you call an education junkie.  I started attending every continuing education program that I could afford, no matter where I had to go to take it.  I wanted to train with the best in the industry, and with as many teachers as possible that had worked personally with Joseph Pilates, or had worked with the teachers that Joe himself had trained.  Along the way, I became a Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates.  I traveled all over the United States observing amazing teachers, and then was put through the ringer by some of the folks I admire the most. Even that wasn’t enough for me.  I am currently part of Alycea Ungaro’s Synthesis Mentor Project.  I have been teaching now for about 14 years, and I never get bored. Pilates is always a great workout, and there is always somewhere deeper to go with it. I have watched Pilates change lives over and over again.  I love what I do!

  • Q:  This is your third studio.  How did the concept for Pilates Methodology come to be, and how is it different from any of the other studios you have owned?

A:  All 3 studios’ that I have built, branded and brought to life have been a true labor of love! I love the creativity of developing the brand, the look and feel, but the common thread that has not changed in my determination to teach the community that real Pilates is hardcore!  Methodology’s look and feel is a result of me wanting to continue being true to the method and paying homage to Joseph Pilates.  Methodology is the outcome of fine-tuning what I want a studio to look like, feel like, and be. We are located in a cool, old house that is over a century old, and we choose a vintage vibe mixed with a little modern flair! We think Joe would approve.  I believe that if you have an incredible product and you do what you believe in with love, you will have success!

  • Q:  What is one thing that most people don’t know about Pilates? Or a misconception?  

A:  I often have a good chuckle with new students coming in asking if they are suppose to be flexible and/or strong before they can get started, I laugh and say there are no prerequisites, that’s why you are here!  The other most asked question: Pilates is for women, right? WRONG!  My standard answer consists of a 5-minute history lesson about Joe Pilates and ends with, Pilates was invented by a man, for men!

  •  Q:  If someone is totally new to Pilates, how do you suggest they begin?

A:  A private session is the best way for new students to get introduced to the studio and determine what will be the best path, depending on their needs and goals. We are huge believers in quality of movement! It makes a huge difference to the intensity of the workout, the safety of the student, and the results.  The best part about the method Joseph Pilates created was he had one central idea: a healthy, flexible, strong spine would allow you to live a rich, full, happy life! Who wouldn’t benefit from that?

Pilates Methodology is a full service pilates studio, offering private & semi-private sessions, as well as classes.

Their class line up includes reformer, mat, tower, prenatal, and Vbarre.  The look of the studio is so beautiful and unique, that I just had to include several photos.…

Downstairs…Fireplace + Reformers


Upstairs:  Class Space // Joseph Pilates Prints // Hydration Station // Pilates Towers


View from Upstairs Balcony


At the Barre  //  Warming Up  //   Open-Back Pilates Methodology tee


photo-122GO: Pilates Methodology, 2615 Routh Street, Dallas TX 75201  

pilatesmethodology.com  //  Facebook: Pilates Methodology

What I Wore:  

Wunder Under Crops + Open Soul Tank, from  lululemon athletica

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  1. Thank you Andrea! Great article and you are a pleasure to have in class!

    Posted 10.12.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      I am so glad you liked the write-up, Rachael! I enjoyed our time together…you taught me more about the pilates method, while taking me through a challenging workout at the same time:-)

      Posted 10.17.14 Reply