For the most part, since my Whole 30, I have continued to follow the guidelines/eating plan.  I have ventured off a few times, but to be completely honest, I just feel better when I am eating along the lines of Whole 30/Paleo.  So, that being said, I have been trying to expand my go-to recipe collection.  Paleogasm, by Camille Macres, is an awesome cookbook for doing just that!


A little background…Camille and I actually went to high school together in Taos, NM!  She is the creator of Recipe Rx, an amazing website where you can plug in any of your food allergies, intolerances, medical conditions, and get customized recipes and shopping lists that are perfect for you.  How cool is that?!  Prior to that, she was a private/professional chef in Montecito, CA.  She is passionate about empowering and educating people to use food to heal themselves and live a sustainable, healthy life.  Camille also hosts the podcast, Food, Love, and Transformation.  She has accomplished so much in her career already.  I am excited to learn from her, and to see what she does next!  She is on a mission to help others find their way to great health through food.  For more information on all of her projects, visit Recipe Rx…it is a fabulous resource!  To purchase the cookbook, you can click on the Paleogasm icon on the right hand side of the blog, under the “Who I Follow” banner.

This cookbook is great for anyone, not just for those who follow the Paleo lifestyle!  It is for anyone who wants to learn to prepare healthy, nourishing food that just happens to be delicious!  I appreciate that there are tons of pictures as well as a section that discusses helpful cooking utensils/tools for making meal prep quicker and easier.  There are so many recipes that are on my list of things to try. This week I made the Southwest Omelet Muffins and they are yummy!  I made a big batch and they are super easy to re-heat for a quick meal.  Next on my list is Kale Caesar Salad and 5 X 5 Chocolate Cake.  Click here for a link to the recipe for the muffins, pictured above! Enjoy!

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