Luxe Combat Boots
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Recently, I had to purchase a pair of combat boots for my daughter for hip hop class at her dance studio.  It made me laugh because who would have thought that this 90s staple would be back so soon!  I had a friend in junior high that I totally envied because she had probably 15 pairs of Docs in different colors.  They were so cool!  I had convinced myself that I didn’t want to do this trend again, but it has grown on me, especially with all the luxe details that are being added to make them more feminine.  I love the studs, gold details, buckles, ribbons, and rosettes that make them girly, but tough at the same time.  When I wore these in the 90s, it was with wider leg jeans or pants, covering up most of the boot.  I think they look so much better this time around, paired with skinny jeans or leggings tucked in, so you can see the details.  I plan to wear them in the fall tucked into jeans/leggings with a drapey top or sweater, and maybe a fitted motorcycle or army style jacket.  I may even add some Hole to my playlist and reminisce 😉
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