photo-20It is the first week of December, holiday season is in full swing!  Here are 3 ways to balance enjoying this time of year with staying motivated to exercise and eat clean.  I have to remind myself of these things often, too!

1.  Don’t beat yourself up OR give up until January:  Whole 30/Whole 9 recently did a great article on this, click here to read it.  Basically, if you decide to indulge at a party/dinner/event, enjoy it while it lasts and then “move the heck on!”  Don’t beat yourself up the next day, or guilt yourself into doing extra cardio to make up for it.  Just move and eat clean the following day.  Also, don’t decide to throw your hands up in the air and give up until January.  It is tempting, I know!  Even if you are not consistently exercising and eating healthy now, remember that something is better than nothing.  Give yourself a little head start now so that when January rolls around, you won’t be overwhelmed.

2.  Just do it….and try something new:  Everyone is super busy in December, but try to squeeze exercise into most of your days.  Every effort counts, and you will feel better and less stressed.  Even if it is just a 20 minute walk, or 30 minutes of weights, just do it!  Another thing I like to do to stay motivated is to sign myself up for classes at a studio I haven’t tried yet.  It gives me something to look forward to, and keeps me from becoming bored with my workouts.

3.  Savor the flavors, but eat clean in-between:  It sounds cheesy, especially because it rhymes, but it is a key to balance!  Give up the “all or nothing” approach.  You can enjoy the things you love without guilt and be healthy at the same time.  It is all about the mindset you have.  Just as you don’t get fit by working out a handful of times, you don’t undo your healthy eating progress by partaking in holiday meals/treats a handful of times.  Making as many healthy choices as possible in between the indulgences this month will help you stay on track and feeling great!

And, remember that the holidays are a truly a time to spend with the ones you love!  Be present, cherish the time you have, and enjoy!



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