Wow….my beloved Lululemon has been in the news today!  Not life-changing, world news, but news nonetheless 🙂

Basically, they are saying that there is a problem with some of their pants being too sheer, or not offering enough coverage.  I will say that I have noticed a change in quality of some items over the past year.  Recently, there have been times when I have tried bottoms on in the dressing room at Lulu only to find that once I bent over in front of their mirror, the pants were not offering enough, ahem..coverage.  This has obviously made me A LOT more careful about the pants/crops that I purchase there.  Their pants used to be the perfect thickness, and completely opaque.  I was happy to spend the money on them because I wear them practically daily, and I knew they were great quality.  I own pants from Lulu that are more than 5 years old, still in great shape.  This is a recent problem.  What is the deal?  I love you, Lulu, but get it under control!  In the meantime, if you purchased pants there that you think are in the sheer category, they are accepting returns/exchanges.  Here is a link to their blog with more info:  a letter to our guests.

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