logoOk, I admit it…it had been a while since my last facial!  When my friend, Sarah offered to treat me to a HydraFacial at Bella MD, I was totally up for it.  Sarah described the Hydrafacial as more of a “clinical” facial so I was really looking forward to trying it.  At first, the HydraFacial sounded too good to be true!  It is customizable, great for all skin types, and can also be used after procedures when skin is sensitive. It resurfaces the skin using five steps, and requires no down-time.  There are several ways you can use it.  You can do one a couple of days before a big event for an extra glow, or you can do a series of them and see cumulative results because of the customizable nature of it.  The HydraFacial machine itself looks interesting!  The treatment uses a series of tips that have peeling edges to help exfoliate the skin.  A “vortex effect” is created that helps to effectively cleanse the skin and introduce the antioxidant-containing hydrating skin solutions at the same time.

The HydraFacial MD steps are as follows:
1.  Cleansing and Exfoliation:   Removes dead skin cells, and reveals healthy new skin.
2.  Gentle Acid Peel:  Loosens dirt and debris from the skin without irritation.  During this portion of the facial, I felt a faint tingling sensation, but it was not painful at all.  Sarah asked me a couple of times if it was too much, but it wasn’t.
3.  Extractions:  Uses vortex suction, to clean out pores.  It felt like a vacuum tip was being lightly swept over my face, it did not hurt at all.  I could feel it working to remove the impurities from my skin.  I also had a few manual extractions as well.  Those are a little painful, but they are necessary and to be expected!
4.  Hydration:  Nourishes and protects.  The “Vortex-Fusion” tool is used to help increase absorption of the hyaluronic acid and antioxidants into the skin.I was in and out of the office in under an hour!  Immediately after my facial my skin felt different.  It felt more “plump” and very hydrated.  I did not apply makeup afterwards.  I was a little blotchy because of the extractions, but other than that, my skin looked great.  The next day, my complexion looked more even and felt very smooth.  When I applied makeup, I noticed it went on better.  I did not have to blend my foundation in as much, it just went on more evenly.  The texture of my skin felt wonderful, definitely more silky-soft to the touch.

photo-41I would absolutely do this treatment again.  I loved it!  It is fast, efficient, and you are good to go immediately afterwards.  My favorite part about it is that you can see and feel a difference immediately.  Since I was so pleased with the results I saw after my first one, I am curious to see how my skin would respond to a few of them over time.

When I find something that works, I like to spread the word! And, hopefully find a great deal on it to share as well! Bella MD is offering Loubies and Lulu readers special pricing on the HydraFacial.  This service is normally $150.  They are offering one HydraFacial for $99 or a package of three for $269!  Now is a great time to try it with this discount.  You can contact them directly to book your service(s), or to ask any questions about it.

Go:  Bella MD Laser Vein and Aesthetic Center, 8117 Preston Road, Suite 470, Dallas, TX 75225

Website:  bellamd.com  //  Phone: 214-378-6500

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