It has been a great weekend!  We attended Easter service last night, and spent time playing and relaxing with my family today.  I will be honest….I am kinda bummed that I can’t have any yummy easter candy!  As I said before, I have a major sweet tooth, and I like most of it….malted milk eggs, jellybeans, and anything chocolate!  I stuffed eggs for the kids last night, and the smell of chocolate was making me want a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg!  For a little treat today, I had a sweet potato with coconut milk and cinnamon.  That is as close to candy as I am going to get on the Whole 30!  Actually, knowing that I couldn’t have any of it made it easier to say no.  Usually, I would have little pieces here and there throughout the day, and by dinner time, I would feel like I’d had too much sugar.  So, it was sort of a relief, because there was no internal “should I, or shouldn’t I”going on!  I am also usually big on moderation, but I think sometimes I need a swift kick to get back into gear after indulging too much. That is what Whole 30 has been to me.  Not a punishment, but a stricter framework to clean things up nutritionally.  It is day 14, and I am still loving it!

It has also been fun to get my 10 year old daughter in on cooking things from scratch.  She enjoys cooking anyway, and this has been a good tool to show her that real food is fun to make!  Last night we made homemade mayo, and we plan on using it to make egg salad, tuna salad, and as an ingredient in salad dressing.  Our first attempt was successful and delicious!  The recipe is in the book, “It Starts With Food,” and we also found more detailed instructions on The Clothes Make the Girl blog.  I am not really a fan of mayo by itself, but this one came out very good!  I am looking forward to using it.  I hope to try another recipe with her soon because its great mom/daughter time together 🙂

Happy Easter,


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