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Taos Ski ValleyLots going on lately…all good things, though!  Wanted to share an instagram round up and a bit about our recent Fall Break trip to Taos.  It had been several years since we travelled to New Mexico in the fall.  We always spend time there in summer and winter, so this was a special treat for us!  I’ll be linking all of the outfits I wore on our trip, so just click on the pictures to shop (the small ones below the larger images).  If you’re on instagram, be sure to follow me @loubiesandlulu (the same handle on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, too!)  If you’re not on instagram, you can always see and shop my instagram pictures under the SHOP Tab in the main menu bar

First off, the weather was perfection.  We loved seeing the changing colors of the leaves on the trees as we drove through town, and the air felt crisp and cool…a true fall!  We didn’t have much on the agenda except catching up on things at our house, spending time with family, and visiting our favorite spots and restaurants!  

Gutiz Taos

The scrambled egg tower and black coffee is my favorite thing to order for breakfast at Gutiz.  You can’t really tell here, but it’s a tower of eggs and sautéed mushrooms topped with a tomato slice.  It comes with a side salad with homemade vinaigrette, and roasted potatoes…a delicious and healthy way to start the day!  Oh, and their homemade hot sauces are not to be missed!

 Arroyo Seco Mercantile

We drove to Taos Ski Valley to take in the beauty of the changing leaves.  Stopped in Arroyo Seco on the way back to browse the shops and galleries and get a scoop of our favorite ice cream at Taos Cow!  This outfit was perfect for a sunshine-filled fall day in Taos…(this mock neck top is $10 and comes in several colors)  

Ranchos Church

Ranchos Plaza Grill

With so many fantastic restaurants in Taos, it’s impossible to hit all our favorites in a short stay.  We love the traditional Northern New Mexican cuisine at Ranchos Plaza Grill.  I ordered the Blue Corn Chicken Enchiladas with Red and Green Chile (Christmas).  This is a treat I enjoy a few times a year, and is well worth it!  A bonus to dining here is that the historic San Fransisco de Asis Mission Church is just a few feet away.  I love to take pictures of it when we visit from different angles at different times of the day.  Its easy to see why it is the most painted and photographed church in America!   

Taos Pizza Outback

Ended up choosing almost the same outfit, not on purpose!  It’s fun to see how our personal style can be similar at times but very different sometimes, too.  Clearly we love the striped top selection at Madewell this season!  

Sperry Boots

Our last full day was overcast and rainy, so I was glad I packed my rain boots and a light rain jacket!  Weather in Taos can change very quickly, and it actually ended up being a sunny day.  This was a comfortable outfit for brunch, coffee, and walking around town…  

I also was able to squeeze in a mini family photo session with my friend, Bonnie, of Fleur De Lis Arts Photography.  It was a relief to get that taken care of so I’ll be ready to order Christmas cards on the earlier side of the holiday timeline.  Believe me, I’m always doing it at the last minute, trying to beat shipping deadlines…not this year, yay!  And of course, we made time to shoot a couple of looks for the blog, too!  Had to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings!  Can’t wait to share the photos with you soon.  I love shooting with Bonnie because she spends plenty of time outdoors, so she always knows the best spots! 

Food Freedom Forever

Prior to the trip, we had just finished our Whole30, so we were selective about the foods we wanted to re-introduce.  We hit a few of our favorite places to eat (as mentioned above) and prepared simple meals at home.  We enjoyed both the food and company at each meal.  One of the most valuable takeaways from my Whole30 journey has been learning how to maintain a good balance with what I eat (and how I feel about it).  For every person that can look different, but I will share a little about what it looks like for me.  

I’m a creature of habit and have a pretty well established routine when I’m at home or traveling.  I stay active while on vacation  (through gym workouts and/or being outdoors) because it makes me feel good.  I eat Whole30-ish for most of my meals, and then I choose what is worth it to me, to enjoy without guilt.  Period.  I start each new day with a fresh start and a nutrient dense breakfast (usually eggs, vegetables, fruit, and black coffee).  

I never, ever skip breakfast!  When I decide to enjoy a less healthy food, I savor it and have learned to be honest with myself about when I’ve had enough and the true enjoyment is over.  For me personally, there’s a fine line between enjoying a treat and bingeing.  But I am so much more aware of that and of what I need to do to feel healthy and in control.  It has become easier for me to see/feel when I need to go back to the Whole30 basics for a few days to reset.  I’m planning to write a post going into more detail, specifically about my personal Food Freedom after I finish the new book, Food Freedom Forever, by Melissa Hartwig.  

Speaking of the Whole30 and FFF, the day after we returned home I attended Melissa’s book signing, here in Dallas!  It truly was an amazing, even emotional experience for me!  I’ve been a Whole30 fan for over three years now, and I feel so thankful I picked up their first book, It Starts With Food, because it changed my perspective and relationship with food and my body.  Yes…all the feels!!  Because of the what I’ve learned through the Whole30, the numbers on the scale or how many calories I take in don’t influence my confidence, and I don’t worry or feel guilt about food anymore.  My relationship with food is the healthiest its ever been and I can pass that along to my own family every day.  It’s been a total game changer for me.  How do you express that without getting emotional?    

Melissa HartwigSo, I was nervous to meet Melissa, and sure that I was doing to say something awkward/nerdy because that is what I tend to do.  But, she put me at ease by being so kind and engaging.  It was such a pleasure to finally meet her!  Through her voice on the books and social media, she appears friendly, (yet ready to dish out tough love when needed!) and in person was no exception!  Extremely well spoken and lovely, you can tell she cares about the people who look to her for advice.  

Well, this roundup ended up being longer that expected, but wanted to catch up with you all!  Hope you are enjoying the fall, wherever you are.  Thanks for stopping by!   xx

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