ESTEEM Logo.PNGThis past spring, I was invited by a friend to attend the “Life Lessons” luncheon, benefiting The Elisa Project.  The Elisa Project was started in 1999 by Rick and Leslie McCall, in memory of their daughter, Elisa.  The Elisa Project is dedicated to the development of healthy children and adolescents by promoting the awareness and prevention of life-threatening disordered eating through education, support, and advocacy.  They also provide resources and referrals, and statewide advocacy services.  Olympic medal winner and author, Amanda Beard, was the guest speaker at the event.  It was amazing to hear her story of struggle, recovery, and hope.  It was very encouraging to hear her speak so honestly about this issue that many, including myself, usually remain silent about, even while in recovery.  It inspired me to begin to share my story with others as well.  These issues have been part of my life, and working through them while in recovery has played a role in making me the woman I am today!

After attending the luncheon, I met with the Executive Director of The Elisa Project to find out more, and discover ways to be involved.  After learning more, I knew I wanted to volunteer because awareness and prevention of eating disorders is something I am passionate about!  I am looking forward to attending and volunteering at the ESTEEM Fashion Show at Tootsie’s, on September 13th.  If you are in the Dallas area, I would love to see you there!  ESTEEM is a celebration of positive body image and self-esteem. Local celebrities will join girls and women, of all ages and sizes, to embrace healthy, balanced lifestyles and self-acceptance. By helping to increase awareness about eating disorders and the importance of positive body image, ESTEEM encourages people to love themselves while striving to be healthy.  Attendees will enjoy a Fall Fashion Show coordinated by Rhonda Sargent Chambers, featuring pieces from Tootsie’s.  You can click here to purchase tickets for the event, see more info below…


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