Dallas Duo Tees + Whole30 Reintroduction!

Whole30 Dallas Duo NSV Tees and Outdoor Voices Warmup Leggings Whole30 Dallas Duo Tees and Outdoor Voices Warmup Leggings Our Whole30 Dallas Duo Spring coaching group completed their reset on Tuesday and started  reintroduction!  We’re so proud of how this group has worked together to support and encourage each other, all while staying focused on their individual goals…
NSVs (Non Scale Victories) abound in this group; renewed energy,  cravings eliminated, improved focus, clear skin, families eating healthier as a result, and more!  They’ve been an inspiration to us!  Each woman has pushed past challenges to form new habits and try new things over the 30 days…  
Today, I’m sharing our top three reasons NOT to skip reintroduction and the details on the fun tees Whitney and I are wearing!  And, you can get your hands on one too!  
Whether you’re celebrating your NSV’s or proclaiming your love for Cold Brew we’ve got you covered…and we’ll be adding more designs to our collection soon!  (Whitney and I are both coffee lovers and this session, our group LOVED Chameleon Cold Brew with a splash of French Vanilla Nutpods.  The shirt is a nod to them 🙂        
Top Three Reasons NOT to Skip Reintroduction!
(Whitney and I narrowed it down to these three…but there are more!  Be sure to check out Whole30’s Reintroduction resources in their books and online here.)  
1.  It’s the silver lining of your Whole30! 
Let’s not forget the goal of the Whole30: to reset and find a way of eating that works for YOU.  If you skip the reintroduction you aren’t going to know which foods negatively affect you, which foods are worth it occasionally, and which foods you want to add back into your diet regularly.  If you don’t properly reintroduce, you’ll have very few answers from the process.
The silver lining, the “I don’t have to eat Whole30 approved all the time to feel amazing” and the understanding that “each person’s Food Freedom is unique” is well worth the process. 
2. Without reintroduction Whole30 is just a diet…. 
Seriously. You’re doing yourself and those around you a disservice by restricting yourself for 30 days and then returning to your lifestyle habits. Does that sound any different than any other diet? Restrict, then binge, repeat.
If you remove the emotional relationship component that makes Whole30 unique & forgoes the reintroduction process where you learn why your nose drips after consuming peanut butter toast (clue: it’s likely the peanut butter), you’re just another diet-crazed American.
Enjoy the uncomfortable and unique process that throws all other diet rules to the way-side. Embrace the challenge, address the food relationship, and finally; gain perspective and a few pearls from it! All we learn from diets is restriction and that self-control is limited. Whole30 teaches us the opposite; Food Freedom.  
3.  There’s more than one Reintroduction option!  
It’s okay if you’re not ready yet or Fast Track isn’t your style!  You can Slow Roll (with caution).  If you don’t want to do the Fast Track schedule, this is a more conservative option.   (If it’s your first Whole30 we recommend the Fast Track as the first step in figuring out your Food Freedom!)  
See below for the Slow Roll Reintroduction and click here for full details:
  • You relax on the no sugar added rule
  • You still follow the general reintro schedule order, but it’s on your own timing.  
  • When you do reintroduce something you still take two days to reset afterwards to evaluate the effects. 
  • If you do end up reintroducing out of recommended order you might need more than two days to reset afterwards…
Lastly, we highly recommend Food Freedom Forever as a follow up to your Whole30!
It’s helpful for anyone wanting to improve their relationship with food.  In fact, if you’re completing the program for the first time I strongly recommend it.  It helps clarify the concepts of Food Freedom and what that can look like for you, in your life and circumstances.  Plus, strategies for dealing with social situations and family are included, and so helpful in continuing your healthy habits!  
Whole30 Dallas Duo Tees and Outdoor Voices Warmup Leggings
 Outfit Details 
On Andrea:  Dallas Duo NSV Tee (cut into a muscle tank and tied in back, tutorial coming soon!) / Outdoor Voices Warmup Legging (7/8 length) c/o/ Converse All Star Sneakers
On Whitney:  Dallas Duo Cold Brew Tee / Outdoor Voices Warmup Legging c/o / Converse All Star Sneakers
Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to comment or ask questions…we’re happy to help!
Photography:  Mary Summers Hafner




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