I love the classic combination of black and white, whether it is in activewear, or regular clothing.  There’s just something so clean about the look.  I like to pair it with other neutrals, and with pops of bright colors as well.  I also am drawn to stripes and dots in black and white, like in the Lululemon and J. Crew items below.  Definitely on my radar!

B & W Lulu Stripes & Dots

1. Run: Fast Track Tank  2.  Bandha Crop  3.  Bangbuster Headband  4.  Cool Racerback

5.  Scoop Me Up Tank  6.  Inspire Crop  7.  Bangbuster Headband  8.  No Limits Tank

So…I have lived in Texas for 10 years and could probably count the times I have worn shorts on one hand! Crazy, right?!  I have always disliked them, its just another quirky thing about me.  I’d rather wear a skirt or dress any day.  But this summer, I decided that I would finally get over it and wear them.  It is just too hot not to.  I found a couple pairs that I can live with, but my favorites are this pair from Mossimo at Target.  I might even get a couple more colors!  They are a good length, not too long or too short and have a clean, simple cut.  I have been pairing them with tank tops, low wedges, and a crossbody bag.   Who knows, I may even start to like them 😉

 B & W Summer Outfits

(From Left to Right)
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