Drea_body-bar-logoThis was not my first visit to bodybar in Dallas, but it had been a while since I had been in!  For my first-time experience, click here.  This time, I was invited by a friend who is a bodybar instructor, Kristen Hawkinson, to try one of her classes.  I signed up for the “Power Tower” class because I thought it sounded different from other classes I had previously tried.

Much of the work in this class was done using the tower that is at the end of the Allegro 2 reformer.  Springs attach at different heights on the tower making it very versatile, so you can get a full body workout.  After our warm up, we did several sets of resistance training exercises at the tower using the springs.  First, we focused on arms, back, and chest.  Then, we moved into lunges and leg work while lying on the mat, with our feet in the straps connected to the springs.  Holy hamstrings…this was the part that really got me.  My hamstrings and glutes were on fire!  Exercises on the mat using the pilates circle and a healthy dose of ab work wrapped up the class.

Kristen did a great job of leading the class, and was inspiring to watch.  Hello, perfect form!  She did a great job of demonstrating and explaining the movements.  What really made this class great (for me) was the extra focus on upper body at the beginning.  It was different, and made the class challenging.


There are several types of classes on the Bodybar schedule to choose from, but give this one a shot!  It is a departure from the more standard reformer classes, and I loved it 🙂

Go:  Bodybar, 2 Locations in Dallas / 1 Location in Plano, bodybarstudios.com

What I Wore:  105 F Singlet, Free to Be Wild Sports Bra, Cut the Crop, all from Lululemon


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