photo-8Kristin and I have been friends for several years, so I was excited that she would be teaching my first official class at Beyond Studios.  Looking up the schedule online, I was happy to see there are several different types of classes that Beyond offers.  They offer PILATESremix, SWEATremix, STRETCHremix, BARREremix, and CYCLINGremix.  I chose the PILATESremix class as my intro to Beyond because it sounded like a great hybrid class.  The description of the class on their website says, “a full-body workout that consists of smooth, continuous, and controlled movements that will make you sweat, shake, burn, and BEYOND.”  That is a very accurate description of what the class is like.  It is a challenge to keep good form and control while performing the exercises.  I had definitely had the “BEYOND shakes” a couple of times during class.

The class consisted of sets of movements on their customized reformers, alternating with intervals on the mini-trampoline.  The workout was set to a great playlist that kept me going.  Kristen paid close attention to our form during the exercises, correcting and providing modifications as needed.  She is an amazing teacher and so motivating!  For me, using the mini-trampoline was the unexpected element of the class.  I didn’t realize how much bouncing around on it would get my heart rate up.  Its not really careless bouncing, though!  I quickly learned that it is important to focus on pushing down, rather than just jumping up to maintain control over the movements.  It makes it much more difficult and sweaty!

I loved this class.  It was tough, but it was fun!  Alternating between the reformer and trampoline made the time go by quickly.  I am looking forward to trying another type of class on my next visit, and trying a CYCLINGremix class.  They also have some really great branded activewear for sale, as well as items from other lines.

Go:  BEYOND Studios, 3 Locations in Dallas, thebeyondstudios.com

BEYOND Pilates:  4348 Lovers Lane, Dallas TX 75225  //  5915 Forest Lane Suite 310, Dallas TX 75230

BEYOND Pedaling: 6814 Snider Plaza, University Park, TX 75205

Also find Kristin on Facebook-  Kristin Moses FIT: Food Inspiration Training

What I Wore:  Lululemon Power Y Tank and Wunder Under Crops


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