Today was the last day of my Intro package at We Yogis.  I did a Rockin’ Yogis class with Lydia this morning and Andrew came along and went to Future Yogis.  It was great!  It has felt good to get back into doing yoga again.  I will definitely add it into my schedule more often.  I find it so interesting how once you don’t do something for a while, your body sort of forgets, but then jumps back into it.  For my first couple of classes, I felt sort of clumsy with my movements.  Not graceful at all!  But, by the third class, I felt more focused, grounded, and aware of my body.  I still have a long way to go, but I could definitely feel a difference!  It would be fun and helpful to do a couple of private sessions, I think.  There are certain poses that I could use some corrections and pointers on.  Anyhow, tomorrow I will be hitting the weights again, doing my four day program with an Anterior/Posterior split.  As much as I enjoyed my week of yoga, I am looking forward to some weightlifting tomorrow!  Hope your week is off to a great start!


P.S.  We Yogis is offering a 12 Days of Christmas Package right now.  Its 12 classes for $78.  If you manage to do 12 classes before December 31st, you also get a free tee shirt.  Good deal, and a great way to stay motivated during the holiday season!

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