photo-10I have heard a lot of buzz about this studio, even though it has only been open since Labor Day weekend.  John Terlingo definitely has a following, and after taking one of his classes, I can see why!  His energy is infectious, and it is apparent he is passionate about what he does.  I walked into the (full) 9:30am Friday class, and I could tell that people were excited about being there.  I had registered online two nights before, and 22 of 30 bikes had already been reserved!

One of the things I had heard was that he is known for his great playlists.  This time was no exception!  There were times during the class that I felt the music was doing some of the work for me.  It was that good.  Good music makes such a difference!  The time flew by.  We did lots of different climbs, sprints, etc.  During one song, we did movements with light hand weights for a little upper body work.  At the end of class was a meditation/cool down.  There is retail space in the lobby with workout and casual wear.  Can’t wait to go back for another ride!

Try it:  Terlingo Cycle, 3105 Reagan St., Dallas, TX 75219  http://www.terlingocycle.com

Photos clockwise from top left:  great logo/sign, studio, view from my bike,  free bottle of H2O on the house

photo 2


















From top left: Niven Morgan candles, retail space, black and grey camo skinnies that caught my eye;-)

photo 1

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