Summer in Taos: Active Vacation

Loubiesandlulu-2 Yay for Friday!  Hope everyone had a great week!  I wanted to share some of the activities I’m excited about participating in while we’re in New Mexico this summer.  It’s actually easier to stay active while we’re here because there are many outdoor activities to take part in, in addition to gym workouts.  I like to take full advantage of being in this environment and doing things I don’t normally get to do in Dallas! 

To be sure I’m ready for these types of activities, I stay consistent with my strength training workouts from The Move Project.  Training this way enables me to continue to maintain/build my strength and also prevents injuries.  I’m able to continue to participate in the activities I love knowing that my body is prepared for them.   

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These photos were taken at The Move Project before we left Dallas.  I’m wearing some of my favorite pieces from Puma that are also included in my Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  (Scroll to the bottom of the post for the links to shop.  Many of my picks are on sale now!)  

Puma Proknit Loubiesandlulu-6

Loubiesandlulu-45 I’m also wearing a fun new find…a Bandit bracelet!  Every active woman needs one!  It’s a stretchy bracelet that has a hidden zipper pocket, the perfect size to stow your rings or a key while you’re active, keeping them close to you.  I don’t like to wear my rings when I work out because I don’t want to damage them when I’m training with dumbbells or barbells.  (Or get a broken blood vessel in my finger…its happened, and is so gross looking!)  I also don’t like to leave them in my locker at the gym.  This is a perfect solution for the gym, studio, or outdoor activities, and it’s stylish, too!  Bandits are available in solids and prints and are a great buy at $10 each….they also make a thoughtful gift!

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Weekends in Taos mean plenty of opportunities to be outdoors, enjoying the fantastic weather and beautiful surroundings.  Nothing beats getting some exercise while taking in the fresh mountain air among family and friends!  It’s one of my favorite ways to spend time!  Here are some of the things I have planned…  

  • I’m especially looking forward to hiking Wheeler Peak on Saturday with a group of family and friends.  Wheeler Peak is the highest point in New Mexico (13, 161 feet!) and is a challenging and scenic hike.  I did it for the first time last summer and it was an amazing experience!  It felt like such an accomplishment and I can’t wait to do it again…
  • Williams Lake is roughly half-way up to Wheeler Peak.  My sister and I took the kids on this hike last year and they loved it!  At the time, Andrew was 4 and Marisa was 12, and they did great.  We are planning to do this again with my brother and his family, and explore the waterfalls while we’re there!
  • This year one of my fitness  goals this year is to complete the Up and Over 10K at Taos Ski Valley!  This will be my first time running this race.  Its a longer distance than I normally run, but I’m preparing by going on hikes and adding a little extra running to my weekly routine.  I’m going into it with the mindset of enjoying the run and finishing, and being okay with walking if needed!  The elevation/climb looks to be quite the challenge!  My brother will be joining me, and I’m super excited to tackle this together!  Alabama Shakes will also be performing later that day in Taos, so we are planning to attend that as well…fun weekend!!

Loubiesandlulu-60 The Move Project

I’m hoping to write about these adventures individually, and include plenty of pictures!  Thanks for stopping by…Have a great weekend!  xo

Outfit Details:  PUMA (running a great sale right now…my outfit is on sale + extra 20% off) Split Side Layer Tank Top / PowerShape Mesh & Shine Leggings / Yogini Sports Bra / Proknit Running Sneakers / Cartel Tote Bag / BKR Glass Water Bottle / Bandits Bracelet / KenzLove Beaded Bracelets 

*Also check out the training app I use from The Move Project!*

Photography:  Mary Summers Hafner

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