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FDLA2979“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” –Miriam Adeney

Honestly speaking, it’s a always an adjustment to come back to Dallas after our summer stay in Taos.  No matter how many trips we’ve made back and forth, it’s always bittersweet to leave family, friends, the mountains, (and the cooler weather!) behind.  For both Ryan and I, its our hometown so we feel a strong love and appreciation for it.  But, summer must come to an end and nothing beats sleeping in your own bed and falling into a familiar school and work schedule!  While we feel incredible lucky to be able to relax and recharge in Taos, it always feels good to come home

All of that being said, I think it’s possible to have more than one place where your heart feels at home.  For a long time, I’d compare Taos to Dallas and say that Taos is where I feel most at home.  But, living in Dallas for the past 14 years, I’ve truly come to love this city and feel at home here, too!  We’re raising our family here, building businesses, are part of a wonderful church, and have built great friendships over the time we’ve lived here.  All things one would want in a community/home…Dallas has been good to us!  And, on top of all of that, I enjoy living in a vibrant, busy city that has so much to offer and appreciate.  I’ve realized that I can feel this way and at the same time still feel a deep connection to Taos and its warmth, calm, beauty, and uniqueness!  

Taos New Mexico Arroyo Seco Arroyo Seco Taos

These photos were taken during our last week in Taos.  Ryan was with me for this shoot and laughed when I chose to wear heels while walking on the rocks near the river!  We chose this spot because the light was really pretty that morning and the mountains were visible behind me.  (It’s also happens to be right next to Taos Cow, our favorite ice cream shop.  We visit often, to enjoy the delicious ice cream and sit near the river and watch the kids play.  Andrew was actually running and jumping over the water just to the side of me!)  I didn’t think anything of my shoe selection at the time.  But, when I got the photos back, I thought the choice was fitting.  It’s a small reflection of my life now as a “city girl” while always having Taoseña roots, and the two places I call home!  

This outfit is from my summer capsule wardrobe.  I’ll be doing a recap on that soon, but I’ll tell you now it’s been a great experience!  Choosing what to wear each day was simpler, and it helped me be more creative with my choices rather than wearing the same things each week.  Each piece is linked below.. 

Outfit Details:  Socialite Off Shoulder Top (Also available in mauve, olive, and teal.) / Paige High Rise Skinny Denim, also see this more budget friendly pair I own and love / Accessory Concierge Beaded Fringe Earrings ($28, available in several other colors, and not heavy!) / Hinge Lace Up Heels (under $100, super comfy) / Vapour Organic Beauty Lipstick in Coquette (a favorite fuchsia summer shade!)

Thanks for stopping by!  xo

Images:  Fleur De Lis Arts Photography 

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