Today I finished my fourth weight training workout of the week.  This week’s emphasis is “Strength”. There are 3 rounds of movements and I completed 2 sets of each one, for 6-10 reps before moving on to the next one. For a long time, I was afraid to lift heavy because I thought  I would get “too big.”  However, this week the repetition scheme and lower overall volume allows me to get  stronger and maintain lean muscle mass.  Next week’s focus will be on “Endurance,”  with 3 rounds of movements, doing 1-2 sets of 20-25 reps.  I love to hit the weights!!!

Friday’s Workout:

Warm-up – Treadmill: 10 Minutes

Round 1 – Dumbbell Narrow Squat, Dumbbell Chest Press, Cable Lat Pull-Down, & Reverse Trunk Flexion

Round 2 – Traveling Lunge, Cable Tricep Extension, Dumbbell Bicep Flexion, & Stability Ball Trunk Flexion

Round 3 – Dumbbell 1-Arm Posterior Lunge, Cable 1-Arm Lat Row, & Standing 1-Leg Calf Extension

Aerobic Workout – Elliptical Trainer: 20 Minutes

**Thanks to http://themoveproject.com for my great program!




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