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The integration of different classes/workouts (barre, yoga, cycling, pilates, etc.) is a great way for me to add variety to my training.  This month, Pure Barre-Preston Hollow is one of the studios where I have attended classes regularly. The studio opened at the end of September, and is well on its way!  I have enjoyed getting to know the owner, Britta Lofgren, and the instructors at this studio and learning more about the Pure Barre workout.  Britta and the rest of the team have been helpful and encouraging from the get-go!  This type of barre workout was new to me.  To be completely honest, I felt a bit clueless in my first class.  The movements were much smaller than the ones I am used to doing in my workouts, and the positions were very different for me.  It was a challenge to maintain certain positions while doing tiny isolated/isometric type movements.  It made me realize that I should incorporate some of these movements into my weekly routine!  After that first class, I decided I wanted to push through the uncomfortable feeling, and uncover the reason that so many people love this workout that promises to lift, tone, and burn! (Photo above from PB-PH Facebook page)

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Pure Barre workouts are set to music and consist of several different segments:

  • Warm Up
  • Floor Work-  Push-Ups/Planks
  • Arms- High Repetitions, with or without weights
  • Barre Work
  • Thigh/Glute Work- on the floor
  • Abs/Core/Trunk- against the wall, on the floor
  • Cool Down / Light Stretch

My favorite part of class:  The thigh/glute work on the floor…it’s no joke!

This is a series of small leg lifts, done on all fours, that targets the glutes and hamstring area that will leave you sore the next day.  But, its the “good” kind of sore, where you know you challenged your muscles!  Thank goodness for the music on this part, it helps me push through the fatigue.

Still warming up to:  The barre!  This segment is tough for me…

Britta and the other PB instructors have been so helpful with this.  They have given me corrections and tips on form, which has helped me feel more confident at the barre.  After one of the classes, I asked the instructor, Ashley (pictured below), some questions about positioning at the barre.  She was so kind to chat with me for a few extra minutes, and guide me through proper Pure Barre form.  As with any type of new movement or exercise, it takes a few sessions/classes/repetitions for your body to properly adapt to it from a neuromuscular standpoint.  And, I think that with any exercise, it is good to give your body time to learn the movements and feel comfortable with the flow of the workout.  Don’t give up too quickly!

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I really started to love this workout after my third class!  Once I felt a bit more comfortable with the movements and the terminology, it became more enjoyable.  Pure Barre is fun, and a great way to challenge your muscles!  The studio is still running their New Client Special, 4 Weeks for $100.  It is a good way to try the classes and all of the different instructors.  Also, they are having a “Breaking Down the Barre” class this Saturday, Nov. 1st, at noon.  This is a FREE class for PB newbies or veterans that will break down the Pure Barre technique so that you can take your workout to a deeper level.  To sign up, just call or email the studio! (prestonhollow@purebarre.com / 469.930.5755)

GO:  Pure Barre Preston Hollow, 6025 Preston Rd, Suite 203, Dallas TX, 75230

purebarre.com/tx-prestonhollow  //  Facebook:  Pure Barre Dallas- Preston Hollow

Instagram: @purebarreprestonhollow // Twitter: @PBPrestonHollow

 What I Wore:  Seek the Heat Crops, All Tied Up Tank, and Free to Be Bra, from lululemon. Pure Barre socks

A Few More “What to Wear” Ideas:  For barre classes, I like to wear fitted tops that stay put and don’t bunch up.  I pair them with full length leggings/crops.  It is essential to wear sticky socks!  They give you the extra grip necessary, but allow for full foot movement.


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