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Summer is upon us!  Schedules are going to change, kids are going to be home, and people are going to be traveling.  But, that is not an excuse to let your workouts suffer.  Even if you are not close to a gym or studio, you can do these 4 moves pretty much anywhere to keep yourself on track.  They get your heart rate up, while giving you a strength training workout.  You do not want to lose any progress you have made this spring over the summer!  The squats can be done with weights if you have some at home, or just using your own body weight.  Depending on how well you can control the movement and maintain your form, do 1-3 Sets of 10-20 Reps.  You can also add in a set of crunches at the end of each set.

Wide Squat with Kettlebell (you can also use a dumbbell or just your body weight)
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Push-Ups (Do as many as you can with good form in full version, then drop to knees)
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Narrow Squat with Dumbbells (or body weight)
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Plank (aim to hold for 60 seconds once per set)
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Programming by The Move Project, On location at The Move Project
Photo Credit: Jennuine Photos
What I Wore: Lululemon Wamo Camo Wunder Under Crops, Barely Pink Free to Be Bra, 105 F Singlet,
Nike Free 4.0 sneakers
Loving the Wamo Camo print….my first pair of wild (for me!) print leggings.  Yay!

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