One of the things I LOVE doing for the blog are my class write-ups…  

Over the weekend, I was thinking about sharing my workout schedule, and decided I would give it a shot.  I really enjoy taking new classes and experiencing different workouts, and sharing them with you here.  Why not share my schedule ahead of time, so that you all have a chance to jump in on the fun with me?!  And, I must say, we are so lucky to have such high caliber gyms and studios in the Dallas area to choose from.  I will still do the write ups, but will give you a heads up as to where I will be in a given week, and if any special offers are available.  I’m going to try this to see how it works out…hopefully its not TMI!!

Make your fitness routine work for you, to fit your life and help you reach your goals!

My Sweat Schedule will definitely vary.  For example, this week is heavy on classes.  I am visiting three different studios, and hosting an event, so there are lots of opportunities to join in.  Some weeks I do more days of weight training, and less classes.


Included below are the links to sign up for classes/studio info….enjoy!

  • Tuesday/Thursday 9:45am:  Pure Barre Preston Hollow
  • Wednesday 9:30am:  Beyond Pedaling
  • Thursday 6:30pm:  Flywheel Highland Park:  Fly45 + Fall Retail Preview.  I’m hosting the “Blue Carpet” event at Flywheel Highland Park (all the details in the Flywheel post below!)
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