Modified Sun Salutation Series by Marisa Howard And Andrea OverturfDuring busy times, it is convenient to have something you can do in less than 30 minutes to get moving and focused for the day….

I’ve teamed up with my friend, certified yogi, Marisa Howard, to show you a Sun Salutation series you can flow through at home or on the go.  If you are easing back into being active after the holidays, this series is a great one to include in your plan to get started.  Yoga is wonderful for your body and mind, and all you need to have with you is a mat!  I am showing the modified (beginner) version in photos here.  For the video we made of the original series, head over to Marisa’s blog, marhow.net.  *This is the first video I’ve edited for the blog, and I have my 12 year old daughter to thank for teaching me, and being patient 🙂

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Marisa’s breakdown of the Modified Sun Salutation Series:

The sun salutation series (Surya Namaskara) is the heart of any vinyasa class, and a great 5 minute way to start your morning if you can’t make it to a class. This flow series heats the body, linking the breath to movement.

Modified “Surya Namaskara” Sun Salutation series:

These modifications are great options for beginner yogis or for those who can’t do chaturanga dandasana (pushup) due to shoulder injuries.

• (1) Start at the top of your mat in “Tadasana” (mountain pose).
• Close your eyes and bring your hands to heart center in “anjali mudra” (prayer) to set an intention before you begin your practice. Your intention may simply be to stay present, in a meditative state of mind, free of thoughts. Slowly flicker the eyes open and bring the hands back down by your sides with the palms facing open in mountain pose.
• (2) [Inhale] the arms overhead so that the palms touch, gazing upward in “urdhva hastasana” (raised arm pose). Slide the shoulders down away from the ears.
• (3) [Exhale] swan dive forward bending at the waist over your knees in “uttanasana” (forward fold). Fingertips land either on the mat or hang.
• (4) [Inhale] lift halfway up to a flat back as you come to “ardha uttanasana” (flat back) with fingertips on the shins or hanging.
• [Exhale] forward fold back to “uttanasana” (forward fold).
• (5) [Inhale] step one foot back to lunge, (6)followed by the other so that you end up in a plank position.
• (7) [Exhale] drop the knees to mat and lower down to “chauranga dandasana” (low pushup). Make sure your elbows stay close to your sides so they brush by your ribs on the way down. OR you can drop the knees, chest, and chin to the mat so your lower back is arched with your rear lifted in the air.
• (8) [Inhale] and come into cobra on your belly. Shoulders push down away from your ears and the crown of the head is lifted. Legs are straight.
• (9) [Exhale] push back to childs pose. (10)Curl the toes and push back to “Adho Mukha Svanasana” (downward facing dog) with an outward rotation in the arms, and an inward rotation in the legs. Hold this pose for three breaths.
• (11) [Inhale] step one foot forward to a runners lunge, followed by the other foot next to it.  (12) Lift halfway up to a flat back as you come to “ardha uttanasana” (flat back) with fingertips on the shins or hanging.
• (13) [Exhale] forward fold to uttanasana.
• (14) [Inhale] reverse swan dive up to standing so the palms touch overhead, gazing up to “urdhva hastasana”.
• (15) [Exhale] return to “tadasana” (mountain pose) with palms either in prayer position at heart center or down by your sides with palms facing open.

Repeat this sequence 4 more times.

We Yogis Teeki buffalo princess leggings, Talia Hancock Tee, Ugg Bailey Boots, lululemon exquisite bra, loubies and lulu, marhow IMG_0974 IMG_0975

It’s no secret that a new active outfit goes a long way in motivating me to exercise!  It helps me feel confident and pulled together when I’m sweating it out!  It is a small thing that makes a big difference.  For this collaboration, Marisa and I headed to St. Bernard Sports to shop their activewear selection.  We were both drawn to the unique Teeki leggings with printed designs, paired with basic, versatile tanks.  We topped them with flowy long sleeve tops and warm boots.  Outfit details below….

  • TEEKI Buffalo Princess Leggings:  Cool fact:  This is an eco-conscious activewear line, and their leggings are made of recycled plastic bottles!  I liked the “buffalo princess” print because they are basic black with the print on back of the legs, which is fun and unexpected.
  • TALIA HANCOCK Zip-Back Tee:  This is my new favorite tee!  I have worn it with everything from workout clothes to denim.  It is very soft and semi-sheer, so it’s perfect for layering.  LOVE the zip-back detail for showing off pretty tank or bra straps.
  • THE NORTH FACE Mesh Tank:  This mesh tank is super versatile, and your favorite sports bra can be layered underneath.  It is slightly loose fitting with a cute keyhole detail in back, and a drawstring hem. Also looks great with shorts.
  • LULULEMON Exquisite Sports Bra:  A longer line bra with strappy back and cutout sides…one of my favorites this season!
  • UGG AUSTRALIA Bailey Boots:  My go-to boot to keep my feet warm after yoga!


Special Thanks to:  Marisa Howard, St. Bernard Sports, We Yogis, & Marisa Overturf


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  1. Karen wrote:

    Ohhhhhh I love those pants! I need those for when I teach my yoga classes! My students would love them!
    Great post!

    Posted 1.15.15 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Thank you, Karen! They are unique without being too crazy;-)

      Posted 1.17.15 Reply