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UPDATED JAN. 2021 // Hey Friends! I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year! This blog post is one of the most viewed Loubies and Lulu blog post to date (woohoo!).

Because it is so loved, I have updated product links to similar products (for those that are no longer in production) or the exact product from eBay! Enjoy! 

xx Andrea


I’ll begin by saying that I am not expecting!!!

I posted a preview of our photo shoot on Instagram, and I received an avalanche of text messages from friends asking if I was!!  My sweet friend and fellow blogger, Natalie, who is a little over 20 weeks pregnant is the beautiful, glowing mom-to-be that I am featuring in this post.  You can find her at thirtyeightfive.  She came to me with the question, “What did you wear while you were pregnant, and particularly for working out?”  I immediately thought that a girls day out shopping trip to lululemon athletica Knox Street was exactly what was needed, to show her some of my favorites.

As a mom of two, I have first-hand experience with the frustration and challenge of finding things that are flattering to wear while your body is changing…

When I was pregnant, I wanted pieces that looked great, were comfortable, and were cost effective.  With a limited wardrobe during those months, you also want the pieces you purchase to work in different ways.  That is where multi-funtional lululemon pieces work so well for pregnancy, and afterwards!  I wore my regular sizes at the beginning and then sized up when I needed to as time passed and I grew.  After baby, I was able to go backwards size-wise, through those pieces, wearing them as I shed the baby weight.  Lululemon does not stretch out, so the items I wore while I was pregnant were in perfect shape to wear after, and as an added bonus, they don’t look like maternity wear.  Because, who wants to wear their maternity clothes after baby?  No one!

As not to cause confusion, lululemon does not make an actual “maternity” line.  

However, there are certain styles that work particularly well for pregnancy.  These pieces will be our focus in this post!  With Natalie as my model, we are going to show you the best lululemon pieces for maternity and post-delivery.  For most people, after baby arrives, there is the added challenge of dressing around a body that is in transition.  There are people who can wear their regular clothes immediately after delivery, I was NOT one of those people!!  My lulu really came in handy as my body was recovering and I was getting back into shape.  We will show you the looks below, two active and two lifestyle.  As you will see, the lines are blurred with some items, and you can wear them in more ways than one!  At the bottom of the photo, the pieces will be listed along with the reasons they are great choices for moms-to-be!  And, everything will be listed at the bottom, with links to shop!

Active:  Run Times Tank + Lululemon Align Pant

Similars: Airy Breakaway Tank + All Yours Tank 

Luluemon for Maternity: Run Times Tank, Cotton Wunder Under Crops

Shown above:

  • Run Times Tank (in Heathered Toothpaste/Toothpaste):  A light, breezy tank that is also offers support!  Made of four-way stretch luxtreme, which is breathable and wicks sweat.  Has a drawcord on bottom hem that can be extended or cinched to accentuate that cute bump!
  • Lululemon Align Pant :  The High Rise Waistband is AMAZING!!!  I am a loyal Wunder Under wearer, and I love this new version of my beloved Wunder Under!  Natalie said that these felt great on her belly, not constricting at all.  You can wear them pulled all the way up, or rolled down under the belly.  Also will be great for the weeks after baby arrives, when you want to feel pulled in, yet comfortable.  These come in lots of different colors and fabrics.  They are a style in my lulu wardrobe!

Active:  Cool Racerback Tank + Lululemon Align Pant

Similars: Cool Racerback II

Cool Racerback, Wunder Under Pant

Shown above:

  • Cool Racerback Tank (in white):  Another core lululemon piece that is released in new colors regularly.  This tank is a basic that will get tons of wear.  It is thick enough to wear alone, yet thin enough to layer.  It does not have a bra built in, so you can wear whatever is fitting you best while you are expecting.  Very important.  This tank is cut long, leaving room for that belly to grow.  I love how it looks on expecting moms, as it shows off the figure a bit more.
  • Lululemon Align Pant  Same as Wunder Under crops above, just a longer length

Active or Lifestyle:  Find Your Centre Wrap

Similar: Rulu Rally Wrap 

Lululemon Find Your Centre Wrap

Shown above:

  • Find Your Centre Wrap:  Lulu wraps are the best for maternity!  I had a Savasana Wrap when I was pregnant, and I wore that thing until it would not button anymore, and then I wore it as a cardigan.  Fingers crossed that they will release it again this year.  The Find Your Centre wrap is made of Stretch French Terry, and has a hood, pockets,  and thumbholes.
  • Find Your Centre Wrap Similar

Lifestyle:  Wrap it Up Sweater + Cool Racerback + Lululemon Align Pant

Similars: Cashu Knit Wrap + Cool Racerback II 

Lululemon Its a Wrap Sweater, Wunder Under Pants, Cool Racerback, Toms Wedge Booties Lululemon Wrap It Up Sweater, Wunder Under Under Pants, Cool Racerback



Shown above:

Lifestyle:  Anytime Dress + Vinyasa Scarf + Toms Wedge Booties

Similars: Rushed Body-Con Dress + Vinyasa Scarf + Toms Wedge Booties

Lululemon Anytime Dress Lululemon Anytime dress, Vinyasa Scarf

Shown above:

  • Anytime Dress (similar):  This is truly a go-everywhere dress!  It has a flattering slim fit, with ruched sides, so you can adjust the length.  It made of lululemon’s Vitasea fabric, which is a cotton-Lycra blend that is super stretchy, soft, and comfortable.  Such a versatile piece that can be worn alone, or layered with tights or leggings once it is colder.  You could really dress this piece up by adding some statement jewelry for a night out.  I think I’m going to need one of these!
  • Anytime Dress Similar
  • Vinyasa Scarf:  LOVE these circle scarves!  They are warm, cozy, and the snaps provide so many ways to wear them.  I have even heard that some of you resourceful mamas out there have used them as a nursing cover!
  • Toms Desert HIgh Wedge Booties:  These booties are super cute and comfortable for everyday.  They look equally as good with a dress as they do with a leggings or jeans.

Shop the Look:  Dressing the Bump, Lululemon for Moms-To-Be

For an active lululemon look, try these pieces:

For a lifestyle lululemon look, try these pieces:


I hope you enjoyed this feature! If you wore your lululemon throughout your pregnancy and afterwards, definitely comment and let us know which pieces were your favorites…

**Special thanks to our beautiful mom-to-be model, Natalie Bridges, for sharing your bump + lululemon athletica Knox Street for hosting our Style Session!**

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  1. Thank you so much Andrea! I had so much fun getting to do this with you!!

    Posted 11.4.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Likewise!! Our style session was so fun! And, Everything looked so great on you! I must confess that I went to the store and got the Anytime Dress today:-)

      Posted 11.4.14 Reply
  2. Dacia wrote:

    What size in Anytime dress is the model wearing in this picture?

    Posted 8.6.15 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Dacia! So sorry for the late reply…I can’t remember the size she wore, but I do know she sized up one size from her regular size. Hope that helps! I think this dress fits true to size if you are familiar with lululemon. I wear a solid 4 in lulu with the exception of some jackets and looser fit pants, and the 4 in this dress fits me perfectly.

      Posted 8.10.15 Reply
      • Dacia wrote:

        Thank you so much for you reply. What are your measurements in hips and chest if you don’t mind sharing? You said size 4 fits you and I want to see how your measurements compare to mine 🙂

        Posted 8.10.15 Reply
        • Andrea wrote:

          My measurements are 32 / 25 / 34….and I’m 5’2″

          Hope that helps!

          Posted 8.11.15 Reply
          • Dacia wrote:

            Thank you so much, I am 36/27/36 so I probably would be a size 6 or 8 I imagine. It’s very odd – I only know my pant size in Lululemon. Tops and dresses and jackets are always different. I just got the Retreat Dress and I am size 4 in that but this Anytime Dress seems to run pretty small.

            Posted 8.11.15
          • Andrea wrote:

            Happy I could help! Hope they release the Anytime dress again this fall…its a good one! The retreat dress is super cute also, missed out on that one when I was on vacation and not near a lululemon store 🙂

            Posted 8.11.15
          • Dacia wrote:

            I hope you are right about them releasing it again in the fall! Do they do that with popular items? If you want a Retreat dress, you can get them on eBay for much cheaper than in the store. They were $128 at the store when I paid for them and I see brand new ones with tags on eBay for around $45 depending on colors.

            Posted 8.11.15
          • Andrea wrote:

            Lulu does that often with popular styles! They will usually bring them back in different colors. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Anytime will make a return! Thanks for the tip on the retreat dress 🙂

            Posted 8.12.15
  3. I am looking for comfortable pants to wear during my pregnancy. I was excited to see this lululemon and pregnancy fashion piece but the model is wearing tights in every picture. For those of us who do not wear tights as pants then it’s my sense that Lululemon does not offer any options. I went shopping at Macy’s maternity yesterday where there are many different maternity labels including many different wonderful designers and ALL of them are making skinny pants for pregnant women, i.e., tights! Honestly during pregnancy I can’t think of anything less comfy or practical. I would be overjoyed if Lululemon would make a real maternity line and include casual pants. that are comfortable. I think they would make a killing. Already I have a name for their maternity line, Lululemom.

    Posted 10.14.15 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Zohara! I know what you are talking about…it can be tough to find comfortable/stylish pants during pregnancy! And, cute name that you came up with for a lulu maternity line!

      There is a lululemon pant that is not a legging and is great for maternity, but they don’t offer it in their regular line up all the time. It surfaces occasionally and is called the Still or Be Still pant. It has a wider leg, a very comfy waistband that can be worn up or rolled down under the belly. Maybe they will have them available this winter!

      I noticed recently that Athleta makes a few of their pant styles in Maternity, 3 of which are leggings, but one is a straight leg option! Also, Gap and Old Navy have lots of cute Maternity jeans/pants/activewear. I purchased most of my maternity pants at these stores during both pregnancies. I preferred high waisted leggings or pants with lots of stretch worn with tunic type tops or sweaters…but I get it that not everyone loves leggings as much as I do 😉 I have a very good friend who doesn’t love leggings and has been rocking dresses during her recent pregnancy and looks very pulled together and stylish! Hope you can find some things you love to get you through!

      Warm Regards,

      Posted 10.14.15 Reply
  4. Sam wrote:

    Andrea can I ask how you styled the vinyasa scarf in that photo? Love it!

    Posted 1.8.16 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Sam! Glad you like the scarf! We looped it around twice, being sure to keep the part with the snaps on the bottom. (If you loop it and the snaps end up closer to your neck, you can move it around or take if off and start over.) Once you have the snaps on the bottom section away from your neck, mess with it a little to get it to sit how you want around your neck and then unbutton a few snaps to create the shape you want. This is one of the easiest ways to style it. I’ve seen some really great videos on YouTube where people style it lots of different ways, just search Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf…Have a great day!

      Posted 1.8.16 Reply
      • Sam wrote:

        Great, thanks so much for that!

        Posted 1.8.16 Reply
  5. Adam wrote:

    I’m looking to buy my preg GF “That’s a wrap”, should I buy 1 size bigger? she’s normally a large (6 feet tall), should I buy an XL?? Any other items I should consider?? thx for all your help

    Posted 2.4.16 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Adam! What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I think your GF will love it. I would go a size up from her regular size in lulu, just to be safe. That wrap in particular looks like it will look very nice buttoned up and then worn open once her belly gets bigger. I would also recommend the High Times Pant and the Wunder Under Pant or Crop with the Hi Rise or Rolldown Waist Band. For tanks, the Cool Racerbacks are great because they are cut extra long. Hope that helps!!


      Posted 2.4.16 Reply
  6. Alison wrote:

    Are the roll down wunder unders the same as high rise? I’m not seeing roll down anymore on their site 🙂 PS thanks for this article..I love workout gear and want to look cute during pregnancy!

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Yes, I believe that is what they’re calling them now! When they first started doing the higher rises a couple years ago, they were calling them “Roll Down.” Glad you liked the article! xx

      Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  7. Josh wrote:

    Great article Andrea! My pregnant wife has had a hard time finding good quality workout gear that fits her changing body. Do you know any brands that currently have a maternity line or is this something that is completely neglected by the major brands. The pieces above look great and seem to fit well, but she is frustrated that there doesn’t seem to anybody making workout gear specifically for expecting moms.

    Posted 2.8.17 Reply
  8. Dana wrote:

    Hi Andrea,
    It’s as if Josh (from the comment above) took the words out of moth and actually that’s what drove me to make Gaya Fitness, a high performance maternity activewear brand.
    Would love if you took a look at our first collection: https://gayafitness.com
    By the way, I personally love Lulu and they are THE roll model in terms of quality.
    We inspire to bring style and comfort into pregnancy fitness.

    Posted 8.26.17 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      This looks great, Dana! Congrats on the new collection!

      Posted 8.27.17 Reply