Shape and strengthen your legs with these three movements at the gym!  I love incorporating leg exercises into my workouts.  I used to shy away from resistance training for my lower body.  I was afraid that my legs would gain “too much muscle.”  Not the case at all!  Once I started incorporating leg exercises in my weight training routine, I began to see positive changes in the size and shape of my legs.  Now, I love squats, lunges, and using the leg machines.  My lower body has become stronger over the years, and it translates to other workouts I do, whether it is cycling, pilates, running, or yoga.  Or, just chasing my three-year-old, which I seem to be doing a lot of these days!

When adjusting the proper amount of sets, reps, and intensity (weight), you can challenge different energy systems and muscle fiber types to achieve whatever goals you have.  For example, I do 2 weeks of 1-2 sets of high rep exercises (20-30 reps), followed by 1 week of 3 sets of low rep (8-10 reps) focusing on strength and hypertrophy (muscle-building).  I have found that this split in energy systems allows me to build muscle without gaining unwanted size and help keep my body fat percentage in a low, healthy range.  Most weeks, I lift at the gym 3-4 times and incorporate these movements throughout my different whole body workouts.

Machine Leg Press
photo 2-7

Machine Knee Extension (top photo)  &  Machine Knee Flexion (bottom photo)
photo 1-8

What I Wore: Lululemon “Power Y” Tank  /   Zella “Live In” Crop Leggings  /  Nike Free 4.0 sneakers
I attended a monogramming event/promotion at Nordstrom at Northpark Center recently. I love, love, love my personalized Zella + Loubies and Lulu leggings. I hope they do another monogramming event soon!
Programming and Location: The Move Project
Photos by: Jennifer Cortes

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  1. Whitney wrote:

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Zella Live-In leggings! Glad to see them here…if you wear them, they must be good!

    Posted 6.3.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Whitney! Definitely check them out. I like the fit a lot, and they have several colors and patterns available. Good price point too!

      Posted 6.3.14 Reply