I am so thankful to be in Taos on spring break this week!  The past few weeks were packed with activities, so it feels good to take some time off.  One of the things that helps me through busy times is being able to work out at home if I can’t make it to the gym.  To be honest, for me, it can be difficult to get motivated to work out at home because there are too many distractions.  Having a workout plan in place helps with this.  All that is needed is a set of dumbbells, resistance tubing, and a mat.  Usually it takes about 30 minutes to complete the workout and then I go outside for a quick walk for 20-30 minutes to get my heart rate up.  Here is one of the workouts I do at home.  I do 20 reps of each exercise and repeat the circuit twice before moving to next one.  This workout can also be done at the gym, just use a lat row machine instead of tubing for #3 in circuit 1.  

Circuit 1:  

1.  Dumbbell Narrow Squat:  Hold dumbbells at your side,  feet shoulder width apart.  Squat and hold for 1 second before coming up.  When squatting, push your hips back and sit as though you were sitting in a chair behind you.  Don’t tuck your hips under!

2.  Body Weight Wide Squat:  Feet hip width apart.  Squat and hold for 1 second before coming up.

3.  Standing Lat Row with Tubing:  Anchor the tubing in a doorway at chest height.  Pull back on tubing until you feel resistance.  Get into a squat position, then pull arms back to your side pausing for 1 second before releasing.

4.  Modified Push-up:  I try to do as many real ones as I can and then finish off with modified ones.

5.  Crunches

Circuit 2:

1.  Dumbbell Hip Extension (deadlift):  Holding weights in front of you, bend forward at the hips, keeping your hands close to your legs.  Pause at or slightly above your knees and pull back up to starting position using your glutes/legs.

2.  Dumbbell Bicep Curls:  Standing with arms by your side, bend arm at the elbow and pull almost all the way up.  Pause at the top and release with control

3.  Dumbbell Tricep Extension:  Lie on the mat and hold arms perpendicular to your body.  Bend arms at the elbow to 90 degrees and then push back up to starting position.

4.  Dumbbell Median Press:  Lie on the mat and hold arms perpendicular to your body.  Bend arms at the elbow and bring down to your sides.  Push back up to starting position.

5.  Plank:  Hold plank position with elbows and forearms on the ground.  Try to hold for 30-60 seconds.  Just do once per circuit.


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