This week, I had the opportunity to try FlyBarre Sport.  I have tried and liked the regular FlyBarre (click here for my review), so I was looking forward to this class.  In my opinion, FlyBarre is already a sporty version of barre class, so I was anticipating Sport to be even more athletic.  I was not disappointed!  Class was taught by Cristin Caulfield at Flywheel Plano.  This was my first time in Cristin’s class, and I thought she was super friendly and motivating.  Cristin also teaches Flywheel classes.

So, what makes it different from FlyBarre?  FlyBarre Sport utilizes heavier weights, up to 8lbs, vs. the 1-3lbs used for FlyBarre, plus more intense cardio intervals.  For example, we did an arms segment focusing on biceps where we were encouraged to use at least 5 pound dumbbells.  It is still higher reps, but not as high as regular FlyBarre.  One of the cardio segments we did involved body weight squats immediately followed my a series of jump squats.  Repeated three times.  Legs=total jelly!  What makes it extra challenging is that your muscles are already fatigued from the small movements, and then you immediately move to the larger movements and push it a little further.

What I loved about it:  The class was a total body workout.  It was a challenging combo of the small pulsing movements usually associated with barre class plus the added cardio boost of strength training and plyometrics.  It is a great workout if you are short on time, because you can get a little bit of everything in one class.  I liked that they still included the choreographed arms segment where you use either no weights or 1 lb dumbbells.  It is a dance inspired part of the class that focuses on arms and shoulders with movements set to the music.  It is a fun part of the workout, sort of an active recovery.


Although the class is tough, you can make modifications or take a little breather if needed before jumping back in.  During one of the abs series, my back started feeling it, and Cristin suggested using one of the exercise balls for more stability.  It worked perfectly, and I was able to complete the set without discomfort.  It seemed like there were more abs/trunk sets in this class, which is a great thing because its not my favorite area to work on my own.  I need someone pushing me to do it!  For me, the toughest segment was the hamstring/glute series.  It started out lying on the back, with one foot up on the wall, lowering the body up and down.  First full range, and then pulsing.  This was followed by isolated single leg lifts while on all fours.  Definitely felt the burn on that one.  Overall, I thought this class was a great way to mix it up.  Perfect for those days that you want to take a fun class that’s guaranteed to make you sweat!

Go:  Flybarre Sport @Flywheel Plano, 5964 W. Parker Rd, Suite 100, Plano, TX 75093

Call:  214.865.7261  //  Web:  texas.flywheelsports.com

What I Wore:  Lululemon Wunder Under Crops + Beachscape Print Cool Racerback Tank

**I was invited to try this class, complimentary.  

However, the opinions expressed are my own, based on my experience.  

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