photo-79Earlier this summer, I mentioned that CorePower Yoga was opening a studio in Dallas, in Mockingbird Station.  I was out of town when it opened, and it has been at the top of my workout agenda since I have been back home!  Last weekend, I visited the studio and chose Yoga Sculpt as my first class at CPY.  CorePower Yoga has so generously invited me to practice at their studio this month.  I am excited for the opportunity to add some yoga into my life!  With the school year starting, and fall just around the corner, this (sometimes) hurried mom will benefit from the calming and centering aspects of yoga.  I am going to post about each of the four different classes offered at CPY, so that you will know what to expect if you decide to visit the Dallas location, or any of their other studios across the country.  AND…they offer a free week of unlimited classes to all new students, so you can also get in on the CPY action and try some classes too!  CPY also carries a fantastic selection of activewear from brands such as teeki, Beyond Yoga, lululemon, and more. In addition, they stock a variety of yoga mats, cute bkr glass water bottles, and jewelry.  With each post, I am planning to highlight my favorite finds from their retail selection.


Yoga Sculpt is considered to be an intermediate level class.  It combines CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) class with resistance training (weights).  It is a total body workout that is set to energizing music.  When I first learned about CorePower, this is the class that intrigued me most!  I love power yoga, and I love weight training, so I thought it would be a perfect combo for me.  It did NOT disappoint!  The class was taught by JC Lippold, who I had the pleasure of meeting with prior to the studio opening.  He gave me a great intro to CPY!  His passion for teaching yoga and connecting with his students is amazing.  I loved learning about CPY through our conversation, and then taking his class.

Elements of Yoga Sculpt at CorePower:

  • Vinyasa Yoga:  Sequences that you would expect in a regular vinyasa class, including sun salutations.
  • Resistance Training Movements with Weights:  Sets of movements such as squats, lunges, bicep flexion, triceps extension, upright rows, and narrow push-ups were done, not grouped together, but interspersed between the yoga sequences.
  • Cardio Intervals:  For this class, we started in plank position, and then did mountain climbers for a set amount of time before moving to next interval.  The type of cardio intervals varies from class to class.
  • Yoga Flow + Weights:  We also held the weights throughout some of the points in the yoga sequence.  When doing this, you are cued to move the weights “through” your body, to avoid injury.  During parts of the sequence, you also hold the weights in a stationary position, for an added challenge.

What I loved about Yoga Sculpt:

  • Options, options, options!  Yoga Sculpt is a class that will never become “too easy.”  By increasing the amount of weight you use, you can make it more or less challenging.  Modifications are offered throughout.  It is best to get two sets of weights for the class, a lighter set + a heavier set.  You can even do the class without weights and still benefit.
  • You are encouraged to take breaks and drink water when you feel it is necessary.  They make you feel very comfortable doing this, and want you to learn to listen to what your body is telling you during the class.
  • Very close attention is paid to form, and cueing of the movements.  The format was easy to follow, and the instructions JC gave were clear.  I thought  the movements were performed in a controlled way, which is so important for efficiency and avoiding injury.
  • It’s sweaty!!!  This is a heated class (92-95 degrees).  Once you get moving through the yoga poses and then adding the weight training intervals, you are dripping.

Final Thoughts:

The combination of the yoga, weights, and heat produced a very challenging class.  Yoga Sculpt at CPY was unlike any yoga class I have experienced before…I loved it!  I will say that it is definitely more of an energizing class.  It is a great class for when you need an energy boost and want to get a sweaty weights workout in at the same time.  The class I took was in the morning, and I felt invigorated for the rest of the day.  I am looking forward to trying C1, C2, and Hot Power Fusion at CPY this month, and of course, more Yoga Sculpt!  If you have practiced at CorePower before, which is your favorite?  Comment below and share…

GO:  CorePower Yoga, 5319 E Mockingbird Ln, #205 DallasTX 75206 // corepoweryoga.com

Follow on Facebook to stay updated with all the latest at CPY:  CorePower Yoga Dallas/Ft.Worth

What I wore:  Refresh Racer Tank + Roll Down Wunder Under Crops + Free to Be Bra (all from lululemon)

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