photo-56We have passed the halfway point!  Woohoo!

Today is Day 16 of the Taos Whole 30.  I am happy to report that everyone in the group is still in the game.  And, a few others have joined us along the way, both here in Taos, and online.  Word really does travel fast in a small town, and it has been great to have others approach me in person and through the blog to ask, “What is this Whole 30 thing you are doing?”  It is wonderful to hear that people want to gain control of their own health, as well as the health of their family.  Here are some highlights from this past week:

  • I am really proud of my family for sticking to the program!  This past weekend was the Taos Fiestas, an annual cultural celebration.  Usually, it is also a time for indulging in food and drink to celebrate.  At our last meeting we talked about how we have already come this far, and we don’t want to allow a funnel cake to bring us down!  It just isn’t worth it.
  • It was awesome to see my mom pack up some beef jerky, fruit, and veggies to eat while she spent the day at the plaza listening to live music.  She even said, “This is do-able.  I didn’t miss anything.  You just have to be prepared!”
  • On Saturday we came together for a short meeting to check in and encourage one another, and to have a cook-out to celebrate my Uncle Mark’s birthday, Whole 30 style.  We enjoyed lettuce wrapped hamburgers with all the fixings and watermelon.  We are shifting to a healthier way to gather as a family around food.  It is great!
  • It was Mark who initially inspired the rest of the family to give the Whole 30 a shot.  (Mark started his first Whole 30 in January, and has continued the plan since then while “off-roading” at times.) At the meeting/cook-out he reported that he’d had a physical prior to his birthday.  Last year at this time, he had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic, and was 50 pounds heavier than he is now.  Today, thanks to the changes he made on the Whole 30, those conditions are gone, and he feels amazing at 48!  He hiked Wheeler Peak to celebrate his birthday this year!
  • At both of our meetings, everyone seemed to echo the same observation…starting to see and feel small changes, but still feeling sort of “blah,” for lack of a better word.   Not feeling bad, but not feeling the “Whole 30 Magic” (aka “Tiger Blood) just yet.  I reminded them to focus on the positive changes they are seeing and why we are doing this.
  • Positive changes that some group members have experienced this week include:  clearer complexion, going down 2 belt notches (!), feeling full/satisfied more quickly and for longer periods of time, enjoying the natural flavors of vegetables that they previously did not care for.

If you are doing the Whole 30 along with us, what are some of the changes/observations you have experienced?  Please share your comments below…

A Whole 30 Success Story…Mark’s 48th Birthday Wheeler Peak Hike!


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  1. Barbara wolf wrote:

    Wow Mark you look great! So glad to hear your healthy!

    Posted 7.22.14 Reply