photo-53Just wanted to give an update on how our Taos Whole 30 group is doing.  We started on July 7th, and we are doing GREAT!  I have been so impressed with this group’s willingness to learn and try new things.  Here is what is working well for us so far, as well as the obstacles we have faced in our first week…

  • I made a packet for the group with a roundup of my favorite easy-to-prepare Whole 30 recipes that are easy to make, to help them adjust in that first challenging week.  I thought this was important because, depending on your previous diet, knowing what to eat the first week can be a daunting task!  Everyone has tackled the challenge head-on, and has taken initiative to try the recipes.
  • Everyone especially likes the Paleo Mayo.  Marisa and I did a cooking demo at one of our meetings to show everyone the secrets to making a perfect batch.  Also, check out the video on The Clothes Make the Girl blog.  We are using it as a base for dressings, chicken/tuna salads, and as a dipping sauce.
  • Most members of the group had a “hangover headache” on the 3rd and 4th day and felt tired in general.  This is completely normal, and usually caused by sugar withdrawals.  I sent them all a link to the Whole 30 Timeline so they could read about what to expect.  Not everyone experiences everything in the timeline exactly, but I think it is pretty darn accurate (and funny)!
  • We are already seeing changes and improvements!  This is so encouraging!  Many have reported sleeping better, feeling satisfied after meals, and craving less sugar.  One person has said that swelling in her ankles and hands has gone down dramatically.
  • Sometimes you have to look a little harder to find what you need in a small town, in terms of groceries.  We have had great success with the Natural Foods section at Smith’s grocery, as well as at Cid’s Food Market, an independent health food grocer.  There is also a wonderful farmers market here on Saturday morning in the Taos Plaza.  On another note, most of the restaurants here are independent.  They have been very helpful and accommodating with special orders and requests.  Yay, Taos!
  • Doing the Whole 30 has created a different sense of community within our family.  Our family is generally close-knit and supportive, but this program has taken that up another notch.  Everyone is genuinely rooting for each other to finish strong.  People are sharing their own recipes and offering up suggestions when someone feels like they are in a slump.  Our family has always bonded over food, but now we are doing it in a more healthful way.  One of my uncles has even taken it upon himself to cook up a Whole 30 breakfast for everyone on Saturday mornings regardless if they are participating in the program or not!

The photo on the left is from our Taos Whole 30 meeting + cooking demo.  The photo on the right features some of our group’s delicious Whole 30 meals.  If you are Whole 30’ing along with us, please comment below and tell us how you are doing!  We welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions…..

photo 1-19

photo 2-16

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  1. Barbara Wolf wrote:

    Since we were on Vacation the first week of the Taos Whole 30, our Whole 30 started on 7/14/14. So far so good! Is the recipe for the mayo in the It Starts with Food book?

    Posted 7.16.14 Reply