photo-58I have been excited about this Whole 30 journey with my family from the beginning.  I admit, though, I was a little nervous about “being in charge,” helping a group of people all at the same time.  Prior to this, I had only worked one-on-one with a few friends and family members to help get them started.  I have to report that it has been an amazing experience, and it is not over yet!  Working in a group has had some wonderful benefits.  Everyone has been so supportive of each other, and it has created accountability within the group.  Using a private Whole 30 group on Facebook and posting photos on social media with our hashtag, #TaosWhole30 has been fun and helpful.  Through these tools, we’ve encouraged each other by posting new recipes, photos of our meals, humor, and relevant Whole 30 articles.  When embarking on a journey such as this, it helps to feel that you are not alone!  I am grateful to Whole 30 and Whole 9 for building this sense of community from the get-go in their program. Basically, I have just transferred it to our little group, and used it on a smaller scale.  Together, Whole 30 and Whole 9 have SO many resources to help you get the most from your Whole 30.  I would not have been able to help/lead this group without all of the information they have readily available on social media, in their book, and on their website.  Thank you!!

Today is Day 23!  It truly is awesome to watch people change in front of your eyes, in both the physical sense and in their mindset.   From the beginning, we have not focused on weight loss, but on improving health.  While weight loss is a goal for many of the members, we are choosing to not focus on numbers (weight, calories, etc) with a “diet mentality.”   Instead we are learning to look first to how we are feeling, in both mind and body.  This is not my original idea, it is ingrained in the Whole 30 program, and it works!  Weight loss is a happy side effect of the plan.  You have to shift the emphasis from aesthetics to how you feel/your health. Through the Whole 30, people generally lose weight without feeling deprived or like they are on a diet.  We have been focused on making positive lifestyle changes that will last well beyond the 30 days.  All of that being said, for many members of the group, weight loss is already noticeable, and it is highly motivating for those who wished to make that change.  I am hopeful that for them, this will be a catalyst in continuing to make healthy lifestyle changes.  When we had our meeting on Sunday night, it was like I was talking to a different group.  There was confidence and change in the air.  Our group is feeling and seeing positive changes in their bodies and in their health.  They have made the connection between what they are eating and how it makes them feel.  And that is the goal, HUGE progress!  Here are some highlights from the past week:

  • Several people have commented that this way of eating is now easy for them.  They love it!  Many stated that even though they miss certain things at times, the improvement in how they are feeling outweighs those desires.
  • We started to discuss strategies for Reintroduction and Life after Whole 30.  We don’t want all of our hard work on this program to be for nothing, so we are starting to plan/think about Day 31 and beyond NOW.  We want to learn something from this experience!
  • Some of the group members do not have their entire families on board.  But, they have noticed that when they make a Whole 30 family meal, everyone enjoys it without complaint.  They are increasing the healthy meals and choices for their children with minimal effort.  They are introducing new, healthy foods into their family’s dinner rotation.

Everyone is experiencing more restful sleep, an improvement in energy levels, looser-fitting clothing, an empowered attitude, and a desire to be more active.  If that isn’t motivating, then I don’t know what is!  One group member went to her 30 year high school class reunion this past weekend and said she wore one of her favorite dresses that she had not been able to wear in years!

We have 7 days of the program left, and we are going to finish strong!  How is everyone who is following along with us doing?  Please comment below and keep us posted…


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  1. Ursula Cordova wrote:

    Hi Andrea, I personally want to “THANK YOU” for introducing the Whole 30… Thanks to Manny , Yvette, Danielle & Chris for sharing the program. Zach and I are almost to the end of the race. We are on day 25. The program showed how bad our eating habits were. If anything it makes you totally aware of the foods that we eat are so bad for you. Here are the things that Zach and I experienced on our Whole 30; energy, body feels cleansed, better sleep, better sex, and not too mention, looking at your partner (wow) no more fat face. 🙂

    For me it was a race: Before I would walk the race but now I run the race. Take charge in your life. Be the leader for your family, forget the fast food .. Quit the griping – eating healthy is more rewarding. “Only you can Finish the race”.

    Posted 8.6.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Ursula! I’m so glad you reached out to tell me about your progress on Whole 30! You should be very proud of yourselves for sticking to it, and taking charge of your health. I love hearing how people have learned through this that there is a true connection between what they eat, and how they feel. Congratulations to you and Zach! Keep me updated on how you all are doing…

      Posted 8.7.14 Reply