photo-59I took my first class at The Gym of Social Mechanics at the beginning of the summer, but am just now getting around to posting about it!  Taos Whole 30 has kept me busy, but I really wanted to backtrack a bit and tell you all about this unique gym!  Plus, it is next door to one of my fave Dallas restaurants, HG SPLY CO, so you can stop in for a healthy meal after your workout.  First off, it is NOT CrossFit or “bootcamp,” even though walking into the gym, you might think it looks like it.  I have not ever done an actual CrossFit WOD, so I can’t compare it to that.  But, they make it a point to differentiate themselves from it, so just thought I would mention it.  (For the record, CrossFit is on my fitness to-do list, just haven’t made my way to it…yet!)  To be honest, I am always wary of bootcamp-like classes because I am forever scarred by elementary and junior high P.E., as I was definitely not the most athletic kid growing up!  Flashbacks to being told I run like a penguin…It stresses me out a bit to have to compete against anyone except myself, ha!  I am happy to report that the classes here are very athletic, but not high stress!  It is a great combination.  The Gym of Social Mechanics offers functional strength and conditioning (group) training in a fun, social setting, led by trained personnel.  Lululemon Knox had a community class scheduled there, so I took my first class with them.  In case you did not know, Lululemon stores offer complimentary community classes at various studios and gyms, plus free classes in-store taught by the area’s best instructors.  Each store has their own schedule, so check it out!  It is a great way to try new workouts.

Back to Social Mechanics…It was an overall intense workout, but it was fun!  The staff who led the workout were very friendly and helpful. I was a little hesitant about taking the class because I knew there would be some exercises I had never done before. But, they were great about demonstrating, and then making sure I was doing the movements correctly.  They also provide modifications for different fitness levels or if you have an injury.  Social Mechanics offers several classes each day (except Sunday), so it is convenient to fit your workout in.  The workouts vary, but here is what we did on that day to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • Group warm-up jog outside
  • Continued group warm-up indoors with drills, taking turns
  • Smaller groups, timed sets of movements with weights
  • Lunges/Wall Balls
  • Pull Ups (Assisted pull-ups for me!)
  • Various types of squats with weights
  • BURPEES!  You can probably sense my excitement here…but, prior to this, I had never done a burpee before.  It was my first time!  They are definitely not fun, but I was happy to learn how to do them.  Let’s just say that they get your heart rate up quickly, and they are exhausting!
  • Cool Down


I enjoyed my first class, and hope to be back for more when I return to Dallas!  It would be fun to get a group of friends together on the weekend to do a class and then head next door to HG for brunch.  They offer a complimentary class for first-timers.  They also offer rooftop yoga on some evenings, and on Sunday mornings.  Check out their site for a complete listing of times.  Lots of great opportunities to be social + sweat!  (Photos:  Social Mechanics Facebook page, and my own photos from my visit)

Go:  The Gym of Social Mechanics, 2010C Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

www.social-mechanics.com  //  Facebook:  Social Mechanics

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